Not The Target Market

Well, recently in Indonesia there’s a weird story about a celebrity that got caught red-handed selling her “assets” (read prostituting) by the cops and exposed by the media. She sold her “assets” for Rp. 80.000.000, – (approximately USD 5.682, 35) and as third world country, Indonesian is “intrigued” or agitated to say the least. You can buy a car, invest, etc. Most people making fun of this by saying 80 mil? Really? You can do better than that or something like that, etc. Kinda sad seeing almost whole nation take jab to making fun of this celeb.


I’ll admit that she’s cute and if you’re her fans (FYI, her name is Vanessa Angel), 80 mil probably worth it but being a middle class worker I think 80 mil for a sex (probably though) is kinda ridiculous. For that price I ask some girl to marry and save a little more for ceremony but since I never in the position of crazy rich Asians, I can never tell what I gonna do if I have that amount of cash to waste. But then again, if people can buy super expensive cars, no one bats an eye because s/he can right? Just like people buy ultra premium phones while there are affordable options that can do almost the same and we all just agree with it right?

After this issue tone down, twitter have a hot issue about some girl said she wants a man with 30 mil monthly salary. And most guys are dissing her for being materialistic or gold digger, etc. And I admit that 30 mil is a lot but since I can never understand what she thinks, I can never judge her. Maybe 30 mil is for monthly expenses for the whole family (schools, groceries, family, school, expenses, recreation, or medication condition etc) and maybe with 30 mil she can focus to raise their children thoroughly. Or maybe so she won’t downgraded her way of life, which is logic.

3o juta

Free translation : I’m looking for a man above 30, minimum wage is 30 mil/month, good looking, good in bed, etc and widower is OK due to “experience”…wow this girl is really know what she wants ha ha.

Maybe it’s human ego especially male that knowing their monthly income is not as high as her ideal, they get offended somehow. Well, written language is open to interpretation and somehow some women who tried to defended her just adding the insult even more by saying “…if you’re lazy, it’s not women fault…” which is more fuel to interpret that if you’re lazy, your salary isn’t 30 mil and that is mind-blowing.

Why mind-blowing? Because my friend with only 10 mil salary can afford car, house, phone, etc (installment though). My helper in the office (office boy) already worked for almost 20 years and his salary is only minimum wage (about 3,9 mil) and he can provide a family and installment a bike. So yeah, 30 mil is a lot of money.

I’ll admit that if you’re above managerial level, maybe it’s safe to have that kind of salary, but also it have it’s own “price”. My salary is only 5 mil (plus incentives) and I can barely spending time with my family on weekday, so I can only imagine what kinda commitment 30 mil had for you (always standby and on-call for office or something).

I just gave up my 9 mil job because I don;t have time for my family on weekdays, so yeah. Now I’m working on the job that at the very least give me a chance to spend more time. Is it worth it? In some way yeah…somehow.

So, what is a lesson here? Well simple enough, if you see something as too expensive, don’t get offended or said that its stupid. Please do realize that you’re not the target market of the product. Some people buy things just because they can, not because they need it. We all do it. We buy food, toys, sex, etc just because we can. Hell, if I’m rich I buy a Rolex GMT Batman because I like it (even if I already have the clone he he).

And the other lesson is…find something or someone that into you. Because… just look at this


So yeah, mind your own business. You’re not the target market or center of the universe. So just deal with it. Let someone else have his/her own fun if its doesn’t conern or harm you.


The Optimus Prime Galore

Well, Bumblebee really ignites my fan-boy-ism to Optimus Prime. For a very little appearance, Optimus Prime in that movie is so awesome I decided to buy Optimus Prime figures for…reason ha ha. But as a middle class blue-collar worker, I can only afford a cheap one, but still my acquire taste for figure makes mo don’t wanted to waste my cold hard earned cash for ugly figure (which is the majority of Optimus Prime figure in the range of under $100 or in most toy store). So I turned into the dark side & tried the knock off version ^_^

Well, in case you don’t realize, there are a line itself in Transformer figure that devoted to do a “decent” knock off figure and they named it KO Generation, stands for Knock Off generation. Mind blowing and genius ha ha. They accept themselves for what they are. And those Chinese product is seriously good for what it’s worth, even sometime too good to be true.

So I decided to buy smaller figure, because it’s my favorite line and while scrolling on e-bay I found two of them. So I decided to buy them and finally they came and I have the time to play with them. So first, the KBB Robot Commander or GT 05 KO Optimus Prime!!!! The knock off of some third party, so basically not a really original toy but rather homage or something from another unofficial figure.


Wow, for a small figure the attention to detail is awesome!!! The Truck mode is so thoughtful they even manage to set a special place to place the gun. The truck mode is 3.75 inch tall.



The robot mode is so good that the articulation is so damn satisfying. The only minor complaint is there’s no Autobot logo in his left arm. This figure is basically, small, bulky yet beautiful figure. Highly recommended. For a mere $17 you can’t go wrong. The robot mode stand 4.5 inch tall.



Oh. The back head is translucent so you can light him up and make his eyes glow he he.


The second figure is The Optimus Prime Pen, another Knock-off from expensive pen with Optimus Prime disguised as it. This really funny because Optimus didn’t transformed into a truck but into a pen ha ha. It’s ridiculous until I saw the figure and said, “Damn this is awesome!” and just buy it even if it’s a KO.

Seriously, I won’t change him into a pen, I could use his gun just for it anyway.



I bought him for the figure. Just look at it, it is a sight to behold, even for a KO. The detail on this figure is a sight to behold. The figure is small, stand only 3.75 inch tall, but highly detail.




The articulation also quite good. The only complaint is the left ear of Optimus kinda broken a little, like a little push can cracked it, oh the mouth also has “broken” paint job he he. But all in all. A good figure. It’s price at $17 and it’s a bargain if you love smaller figure.


Oh, other complaint, the leg articulation is hindered by his “skirt” or sort of. You have to take the skirt up in order to work his feet into awesome pose ha ha.


These figure is small but detail and awesome. I highly recommended you guys to buy it. It’s “cheap” (probably affordable) and the details is awesome. It makes me want to sell my Revoltech Optimus Prime ha ha.



Timex Red Ball, Vintage Diver Style

Sad story, my vintage Timex watch is broke after it fell from my hand after my son accidentally reached and dropped it. I tool to many watch service but all of them gave up. They say the spare parts is nom existent.

But since I’m a big fan of Timex, when I see a cool Timex I immediately snatched it. Here is my newest spoils of war, Timex Red Ball. Kinda vintage, though this piece came from 80’s but yeah…20 plus year old watch.

The condition is quite good. It even came with original steel strap. But yeah, the strap is flimsy, felt cheap and not comfortable in hand. It’s also kinda short in length.

This piece is a manual winding watch. That’s why I immediately snatched this piece. It’s Timex, manual winding and cool looking. The power reserve still good, approximately 30 hour. The notorious Timex ticking sound is gladly absent this time around. A good bargain if you ask me. It is so light I almost forgot that I wear a watch.

The modern Timex have a fairly moderate or to be blunt, bad water resistant, around 3 to 5 ATM. So I highly doubt this piece have a good water resistant (even if the dial printed water resistant), also this is a vintage piece. Don’t push it I guess.

But I use it for ablution ha ha. And it somehow managed to survive. Maybe this piece is rated 3 ATM. I think I’m gonna use it for splashy-splashy 😁.

Oh, somehow the dial, and hands still have lume. Though it’s weak, but for 20 plus year old it’s quite an achievement.

Physically speaking, this watch is a good looking watch. But nothing is perfect and I have a list of complaints he he. First is the size. It small, approximately 38mm with…wait for it…19mm lug. Yeah, weird lug size. It makes my 18mm strap too small but my 20mm strap too big. Here are some shot on my 18mm strap. Look at that “gap” somehow.

My other complaint is how the bezel is loose, not clicky. Even more loose than Vostok (age maybe?). And the fact the bezel is all black, makes it kinda a sore from sideline, like a burger on top of a meat 😅.

But somehow I just fell in love with this piece. I think I’m gonna keep it. This piece found a perfect strap on my 18mm perlon strap that fits that weird 19mm lug. Behold my Timex Red Ball he he.

Parnis GMT part II Review, The Bitter Truth

Well, I already reviewed this watch previously and to sum it all…I love this watch. There’s something about the sterile watch that echoes tool watch. That excite me to do stupid stuff with it and make a memories. And I do that.

This watch filled with scratches that each tells a story. I kinda hope this watch aging like tropical dial or tropical watch and makes this bad boy unique in its own way.

But one day this watch falls accidentally because my son grab my hand too fast and the lug fell (I’m using nato strap. It fell on the glass and just wow, it didn’t even leave a scratch. Sapphire glass probably working there. I was in awe, this watch is a tool watch I said to myself.

Until somehow after the power reserve depleted and I unscrewed the crown and the sudden realization hits me in the eye. The crown is broken. I can’t set the time or manually winding it. Yeah it makes me realize and remember the price tag, the state of the watch (homage but borderline clone), etc. Not a tool watch per se 😓.

Desperate times required desperate measures. So I use anything that left on my watch parts just to make it works again. I use crown from old Casio watch (MTP something he he).

And now I know that this watch use DG 3804 movement (not Seagull he he). Kinda disappointed but hey, you get what you paid😅.

So I use anything that might work. A crown from a fake Casio clone that kinda works.

But the crown doesn’t fit well. It’s only push down not screw down crown. And it looks kinda off ha ha.

So I decided to give it to professionals to “fix” it or at least makes it bath-able again ha ha. After some time my Batman returns gloriously but with one major flaw.

Yeah, all the crown that available on the professional workshop doesn’t fit in it. Either order a spare Parnis directly or use… this he he.

So yeah, I bought Parnis and choose sterile version because I try to avoid the brand Rolex in it (even if it’s actually a blatant rip-off of it 😅). I guess it’s a reminder to me that you can’t deny the inspiration ha ha. So I just embrace it I guess.

it fits just right and it makes the watch waterproof again. So yeah, I can live without it.

Update on 31st October:

Well, today I learned that the steel bracelet, even as good as it looks, is also…”weak”? I used commuter line as means of transportation (train) and after a brief encounter with angry mob (fellow commuters) and a war in & out from train, transit, etc, the bracelet is break or broken. Gladly I manage to caught the watch before it fell again. So yeah, the price didn’t lie about quality somehow 😅

So, how about this as an afterthought review. I still love this watch. It’s a testament that you can be happy with anything, even fake product, as long as you’re content, happy and takes it as it is.

This is a homage watch. If you can live with that or just don’t care as long as the watch serves it purpose, this watch is awesome he he. Wear it with pride. Upset watch snob and be happy with it 😁.

Hereditary, Wow What A Movie

What can I say about this movie? To make it short, it’s a must see movie. This movie probably won’t reach commercial success or award or something. But this movie is a different kind of beast. Even as a horror movie, most people probably hates the fact that this movie is a slow burner like “The VVitch”, “The Babadook”, or any kind of “artsy” horror movie that critics loves but viewers hate. But I really urge you to see this movie for the story, the drama.


Yeah, you read that right, the story & drama. Even if the mystical, supernatural or horror elements removed, the story & drama still makes it worth a watch. That’s how good this movie is to me. The story is intimate, deep and very “real”, especially if your family has issues. The pain the characters feel is so real that I bet most people will feel uncomfortable & disturbed in very personal level.


What makes the story is great is the fact that we, as the audience only know what the characters know. We’re not some sort of watcher that knew what’s going to happen or what other character feel toward another. That’s how good the story is. A story about family that have boundaries, walls, that were dysfunctional and despise each other in a very subtle way. Just like us, felt so real thus the revelations is hurts so much, felt so very real that it really bothers me in a subconscious level.

I can relate to the son who tries to numb his feeling due to the fact that probably it’s the only way to live “normal” or the mother who felt the burden is all in her shoulder and there’s no one to talked to, even the one that is closest to you. Or the father that tries to make everything in one piece but failed. It’s a heartbreaking story about people that failed, even when they try their best. The story is so good it still chills my bone. As if the writer, producer & everyone shares their deepest darkest secret & you can’t do anything about it but just embrace it and sink into it, hopefully to have a chance to rise again or probably just succumb further into the abyss.

Oh, the grandma isn’t flesh out physically but you can felt her presence everywhere (the story began when they attending the grandma funeral). As if she left some permanent scar on everyone in the family. Making the title hereditary more suitable to the story. Some sad fact that sometimes, the evil runs in the family, it’s hereditary, it’s genetic & it’s inevitable (takes a very hard effort to make it right sometimes we just ignore it but then again, this thing will haunt you anyway).

That’s the story, without trying to spoil anything. About the horror…what can I say beside it’s highly effective. It’s not a scare fest or jumps care fest (the story itself already haunting) but it is filled with symbol, tiny details and blink & you miss important horror parts, the devil is in the details, thank God the story itself already worth a watch, so viewers still can get aboard with it. I’m not saying the horror is the weak part, it’s just an icing on the cake of a story already so haunting. But also a closure to a story so heartbreaking it needs a shocking to be ended. So yeah it’s a complete package.

This is a movie you better watch alone, in the dark where you can give a complete attention to every details, to allow you to retrospectively analyze yourself or relationship around you, to look at the bottom of the abyss and to see if the abyss looking back at you, you either blink or keep on staring and embrace the darkness in order to prevent you from consume by the darkness.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie 15. That’s how I love this movie. Just like how I love “Your Name” (that anime movie about love story that somehow grabs you into the wonder of youth), this movie is so personal that I just can’t recommended enough for everyone to see. A highly immaculate, personal, intimate movie about a family, with horror elements that provides the devastating ending.

Swatch Sistem51 Notte after years of usage. Still plastic fantastic?

Well, honestly this watch not originally mine, I traded it with my old G Shock DW 5600 because I’m curious about this piece. If you’re not a watch aficionado, you probably won’t get the idea why this watch is so “extraordinarily” when it released (or even when it was announced), to sum it all, this watch is the first of it’s kind. A “cheap” innovative Swiss mechanical watch. But yeah, I still find it “funny” why watch aficionado so excited for this piece besides the fact there’s a “Swiss” word in it.

Seriously, Swatch itself is a concept that I hard to fathom. Swatch stands for second watch, a watch that supposed to be a fun, stylish beater watch, sounds OK until you realize this watch supposed to be “disposable”, weird right? Because Swatch isn’t really affordable, at least in Indonesia that is. I never found the alluring, the excitement or the value preposition of Swatch. I mean, with Swatch price range (cheapest one started from Rp 800.000,-), you could get a “better” watch like Seiko 5 (mechanical, serviceable, water resistant 10 ATM, mod-able, etc). So yeah, Swatch is kinda stupid for me, even if Swatch manage to save Swiss watch domination from Japanese Quartz in the 80’s and even became the head honcho of Swiss watch league (they “have” Rolex & Tudor as their little brother company, weird 😅).

But then again, this piece is really interesting because the “extraordinary” machinery. Swatch manage to put a mechanical system in an interesting way. They manage to create a mechanical machinery that consists only 51 parts and hold by single screw (hence the Sistem51 and the claimed that only watch expertises can said but due to the nature of disposable watch probably most people will throw their watch if it’s broke), created fully automated without minimum human interference (only as operator of the engine) and the awesome claimed of +90 hours power reserve. Oh don’t forget it’s “Swiss” made and this ain’t their first rodeo (Swatch already have an automatic line before Sistem51 but not this “revolutionary” he he.

So yeah this piece will go down in history as one of the revolutionary engine and the new chapter of history. Whether it will put Swatch on top again or not is another story waited to be unfold. Back to the piece I own. Though this is a secondhand watch, you can say this is a follow up review of the Sistem51, whether this piece withstood the test of time.

Let’s examine this piece. The body have scratches all over it, as if this one is a true beater watch (mechanical watch is kinda “delicate” and most can’t withstood reckless usage) so either this piece is robust or the previous user is being lazy to took care of the plastic body. The strap itself also worn out, with dirt and scratches, thank God it still intact (though honestly if you use it on the beach, it will reduce the age estimation (like my cracked G shock body he he). Good thing to know that the body is stronger than the strap so you can replace the strap (though it’s only with specific Swatch strap, a downer for most people). The dial is for the most part still good, the “star constellation” (actually the position of the jewel though) still good and the word automatic really emphasize the movement. So cosmetically the watch isn’t bad. Oh yeah, there’s a lume for…reason? And it’s aged badly 😅

About the engine, the main course, the Sistem51, well it produces a “so-so” smoothness in term of smoothness of hand swiping (even if this is “Swiss” movement, don’t expect too much because the price didn’t lie😁). Also the sounds, the rotor is really loud, sometimes when I’m driving I can hear it rotates wildly he he. But the tick is silent, unlike my vintage Timex, with satisfying ticking from the engine. But sadly, I never achieved 90+ hours power reserve that people tell me about. My watch power reserve only approximately 40+ hours. And also sadly, sometimes the movement stopped or even slow down so the time is running kinda late, this watch need to be regulated or yearly service. And that’s the problem with Swatch, as a disposable watch they sealed the machine in the body so if I service it, probably the body will have to be “cracked” thus say goodbye to water resistant (though it’s barely 3 ATM to begin with).

Yeah this watch ain’t plastic fantastic as it used to be, but what do you expect from “Second Watch” that’s supposed to be disposable? The plastic withered, worn and wound. The movement isn’t that great (anymore 😅) also you can’t mod it, even the strap is very limited (you know , Swatch strap and it’s lug). Sure there’s the irony line that offers steel body and strap but still, limited mod and unserviceable movement makes this watch not recommendable. You better stick to Japanese movement like Seiko or Orient, they offer better deal (modded, robust, serviceable and variety of choices).

But you gotta respect the innovation of this movement and the time they spent on R&D. Imagine if this movement can be copied by the Chinese and being used in their watch. Imagine a serviceable movement with 90+ power reserve on a watch that can be modded due to nature of cheap parts. That’s a dream come true for me ha ha.

Steinhart OVM…This Probably “The One”

I came to a conclusion that I need a “high-end” watch, something that I can passed on to the next generation or as a legacy for my line he he. But then again, as a mediocre, middle class worker, I don’t have the luxury to spent hundreds of dollar (converted from Rupiah) for a watch. But somehow I have the urge to have one, not just a beater watch (which I’m afraid will be broken due to the abuse & reckless of me ^_^).

And recently I just purchased Parnis & that blasphemous thing can make me smile ear to ear. So I guess I’m OK with a homage (which most people considered cheap knock-off, clone or borderline stealing ha ha) and it makes my option more viable, due to the cheaper options he he. Guess, my target either Tudor or Rolex inspired, but since I already have Rolex inspired watch I should found myself a Tudor.

That’s when I realized that Parnis have Tudor inspired but I don’t want to get another one (it’s a hit or miss scenario, I even have to serviced the seal, bezel, etc until I realized it’s the glass that kind of loose, in order to make it waterproof again). I decided to find a homage that is “credible” or well-known, good reputation on watch community. At first, I wanted to find Tudor Black bay inspired because they’re less copied than Rolex (also that snowflake hands is really authentic & better than Mercedes hands on Rolex IMHO).

Thus I stumble upon this piece, Steinhart OVM (One Vintage Military), an inspired Rolex sub-military watch on the 70’s that were produced for British military. Yeah it’s Rolex but my main concern, the hands, is different, rather than Mercedes they used sword hands (probably because the military background). So this is a homage of a limited edition Rolex (ultra rare & expensive) that has a bold difference in design of common Rolex. Thus I spent my cold hard cash on this piece of “replica” he he.

After waited about a week from Singapore, the watch finally arrived in all its glory. Man this watch is really something, besides my previously owned Deep Blue, this watch is really heft, robust, industrial but somehow still classy & beautiful (good job Rolex!!! Steinhart really copied it well). The steel strap is good & looks expensive, the only downside is the clasp that kind of “normal” or looks too plain for this beautiful watch.


Just look at this gorgeous watch. It looks tough & beautiful at the same time. It makes me forgot that this ain’t a beater watch, because I’m confidence of using this as a beater watch. This watch can take a beating with all it’s feature; 300m water resistant, a very good lume, and of course this piece is inspired by military watch so it supposed to withstand a beating or two.


The accuracy also is “very” good, at least for me. The Swiss ETA 2824-2 machine is good to say the least. I have a couple of mechanical watch and this piece is the most accurate so far. It’s good. Sure it’s a simple no complication watch but that’s the beauty of it. As if the apocalypse came every electricity is damage, this watch will be my time keeper, fewer distraction to set the date he he. The simplicity is the beauty in this case.

Back to the watch, I’ve been using it for more than a month & all I can say is WOW. I love how it feels. The heft, how it’s not too thick, the beautiful design, etc. The design? It’s a homage for God sake!!! How could it be good? Well, it’s a homage with a twist of their own. First thing first, the size is bigger, Rolex is smaller with 20mm lug while this beast is 22mm (more strap option for some people). Also the dial is quite faithful to the original, though in earlier OVM they print 200m rather than this new one with 300m (Rolex is 200m water resistant). The engrave on the back case, crown or even the steel strap. It’s stand on it’s own as a proper homage rather than a blatant copy.

All I can say, this watch always makes me smile every time I wear it. This is probably “the one”, the watch I will pass to my son, the one I will use at special occasions, the one that probably never be sold he he. Just look at it!

Well, it’s not quite “perfect” because there’s one thing that I hate, the lume pip that…quite not centered in the middle he he. Look at it, I tried to rotate the bezel (Oh, the smoothness of the bezel with that lovely 120 clicks is really relaxing). But still it’s not quite in the middle (or is it just me he he).


But still, I really really really loves this watch. It’s a beauty yet tough. Simple but sophisticated, even if honestly all the respect goes to Rolex with the design but hell, this watch is awesome!!!! I love it blends with almost anything, I even will wear it on a formal party he he.