For the rest of your life

“When god didn’t like what he created, he washed it all away in 40 days and 40 nights. I will do it in three”
-Magneto- Ultimatum part 2

My country has just held a national examination for middle and high school. It was a blast (like literally blast, explode, fall to pieces) cuz, well you gotta see the look in the student face after they attends the exam (if you’re a bully, you’ll be satisfied and think that was priceless) it’s like the students being beat ‘em up by angry mob and I don’t say this cuz this is like some sort of anomaly, we’re talking about majority of the student. These kids didn’t have the confidence to claim that they’ll be passed the exam. Is it that hard? They claim yes, it’s hard cuz they never been taught that kinda question (are they learn nothing from school so they said they prepared if the question is exactly the way they wanted?). Bottom line, national exam is a nightmare, unfair and ridiculous.

Students, and also parents, protested that national exam is too hard, makes the kid stressful (confirmed that there are number of student that tries to commit suicide), and unfair (they said that how come three years of study is being compressed in just a couple test that will determine that three years of their life were wasting time or worth it). What makes me intrigued is how the parents agreed that is unfair to judge the result of 3 years education with a couple test in the couple of day and it makes kids stressed, I mean parents are grown up, they should’ve known how this stupid world works.

National exam is just like what life is, just like Magneto quote, “I will do it in three”, that’s how life works, you could prepare yourself (let’s switch study with love proposal), for one perfect moment, valentine day or graduation day. You prepared everything, candle-light dinner-checked, budget-checked, ride-checked, etc. And you know what, things just don’t always go our way (if you good it probably works the way you want it, with the bless of God there is), you could be rejected by your target. If you wait for three years till graduation day, or couple of month for V-day, it could ruined in one second, with a word “no” or “sorry…”, click, just like that you’re a goner. Let me put it this way, about how unfair national exam is (and how 3 years of studied is measured by couple of test) yes it could determine your life, success or failure in just a couple of test, couple of day, for the rest of your life.

Let’s just say that, it’s a practice ground to prepare those kids for the real battlefield, life. There’s nothing more savage than society, especially high society, with great expectation, result oriented, perfection addict society that control you, define you, makes you lose your identity. Don’t forget reality bites that took your virginity. Just said that national exam is the first taste of things to come.

What? Did I sound so pessimist? No, I just said this cuz failure is the best way to learn. Yes, we learn the best when we learn the hard way, which is failure. Don’t be afraid to be fail, only a person who never did anything who is never failed. If those kids passed, or not passed, they learn something from it. Bottom line, embrace it, for what it worth, better or worse, face it, never run from it, for the rest of your life.


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