Is it a sin to be different?

Truly, a bitch’s body is the source of all sins. What a lusty body, always enticing men. Your very existence is a crime.
Mr. Kato, ‘Shusaku Replay Vol. 3”

Well, just ignore the quote from that Hentai movie I mention above (I’m a guy OK. It’s a guy thing to enjoy stuff like that). Couple of days ago, I just watch Malena for the… I forgot how many time I saw it, but that movie is one of my favorite. Though most people tend to see it as an offense for woman, I think that movie tells about the purest love of all, the un-requisite one. The knight type that longing from afar like a samurai or ninja, who protect the loved one without the love one knew that s/he being watched, to love but not to well, own her (that train of thought kinda like makes a girl like some sort of property heh?).

But then again, that’s not what I like to talk (to write to be exact), what I’m gonna write is about being stand out among the crowd and the consequence of being different. It strange to know that most people say that’s each of us is unique, different from the others and that’s what makes us special, at least that what they teach us in the beginning (and it’s the other way to say that no one is special). And that’s my concern in that movie, in Malena, Malena, played by Monica Belucci is become a victim of her own extra ordinary gift, her beauty. Cuz her beauty, she have to endure pain, humiliation and hatred from entire city (though she also gain attention, affection from entire city, mostly men with lustful stare, but mostly her beauty bring her bad luck and bad life). Well to sum it up, the movie is fun till the part where Malena gets beat ‘em up by woman of the city (really dude, it breaks my heart, the one who couldn’t care about others).

Back in school (middle, high campus, or even the school called life), you could break down into three categories of student: popular, outcast, nobody (though you could be a hybrid mix of it). You could say I’m a mix of the three types. I’m “popular”, notorious to be exact, for my nick-name “devil” (it’s not like I’m bad guy or something, I just kinda, well have a tendency to be atheist or just don’t give a damn about religion, any kind of it, it’s enough to be a good person, you don’t have to be a holy man). I’m in for “outcast” also cuz the atheist tendency, different taste of music (Japan music and indie rock which most people consider as gay or lame), different taste in movies (I love the bad ending movie, or brain wash / shocking movie). I even in for “nobody” cuz I don’t like clubbing or hang out (which I consider of waste of money and time, since I don’t enjoy it or gain some benefit out of it, getting laid could be an extra, but it’s rare opportunity), it’s the “the party happens somewhere else, but you don’t know what you missing” point of view I guess, ignorant is bless to be exact. Then again, afterthought, maybe I’m just a mix between outcast and nobody, popular is just miles away from me.

Another example, ever read ”The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Anderson? The reason why the duck family hate the ugly duckling is cuz the duck is black (the rest of the family is white), it’s also applied in the human world (human is the most perfect creature some religion said, the perfect predator if you ask me, we eat everything), we tends to hate or not comfortable with something different. Maybe cuz different means changes, just like Gay or communist (and every other non mainstream view), if we acknowledged it, even as simple as recognize or know it, it means that we somehow accept it cuz we categorize it or some sort of that (tricky part of life which ensure the certain thing in life, changes). We learn to run from anything uncomfortable, but in the end, it’s either a do or die situation, so we must somehow accept it and let the nature takes it course. Sure somehow different is threatening the established order, cuz the changes and it consequences usually ends up with “the natural selection” which don’t accept the win-win solution, it’s either “them or us” so it’s pretty much kill or be killed situation, accept the changes or demolish the changes.

So, throughout history, it’s a no-brainer to see that history of mankind is history of war, it’s within our blood, our primitive instinct that drive anything that different to be target of our angst, hatred, the object of our disaffection. No wonder why most people who is different, special, or whatever you labeled it is the person who is being alienated the most (read X Men to know how society treat special people, I repeat, read, don’t watch, the movie franchise sucks) Then again, most people tend to try to compromised with the “common good” and suppressed their special talent. My friend is the perfect example of this situations, he is so smart, above average from his peer at least, but cuz my so called gang consisted with bozo and air head, to be different (smart in this case) is to be out cast from the society (of bozo and air head ^_^) so he suppressed his brain and become one of us, idiot. Unfortunately, maybe cuz he hang out to much with us, he also become idiot, at least that’s what his parents said in the parents teacher meeting in high school (the last time I saw him, I hope he gain his “smart” talents back, sorry if I, we, made you stupid back then).
Then again, human has always had double standard. An artist could be praised for his gift of creating lyrics, music and harmony while other gifted such as mutant in comic is alienated by society because his/her gift. Maybe double standard that separates us, human from other lesser beast whose didn’t have built in free will (or some sort of that depends on which religion or ism we believed in). I don’t know if animal always treat other who is different badly or not, but I guess double standard in human world ensure that there’s hope for those who is different to be existed (even if they become minority), hey, the world is unfair anyway, so just bear with it. Is it a sin? Well I don’t know (how’s that for a conclusion of a thesis ^_^)


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