Just Watch The Fireworks

I promise I see it again, I promise I see it with you know

Jimmy Eat World-Just watch the fireworks

Well, I admit that I’m kinda busy and not able to post a write in my blog (incase there’s actually someone who reads it, Thnx if you do, I know some people do read my gibberish). Approximately on 23rd of May 2009 an event called Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival was held in Kelapa Gading (one of the biggest china town in Jakarta, even the biggest in Indonesia, I know you won’t believe it since I live there so it’s gotta be not objective). Anyway, the festival is success and the parade is entertaining.


One thing that really awe me is the fireworks (without showing lesser appreciation to the parade, dancing and other performance), it’s been a while I felt like a little kid again (after daily routine consume all my time), it’s like just when I was a kid and I really love to burn stuff (Thank God I’m not becoming an arsonist) like garbage, my sister Barbie doll (sorry really, I just can’t help myself to burn that god awful – pornographic display – made by satan himself doll), and the others stuff I forgot to mention but I love to burn.


Then it crossed (I’m not a Christian, I’m an Moslem, at least that were put on my ID, pun intended ^_^) my mind that for a brief performance (last merely just minutes) how much work and effort are put to bring out the perfect performance (though probably there’s always a$$hole that disregard the performance, the all talk no action Mr/s Know-it-all. It such a shame really if someone just under appreciate all the work and effort that were put to create the whole festival to a realization, me myself used to be that kinda guy).


But then again, I can understand why some people just don’t give proper credit for that kinda effort (since I used to be that kinda guy). It just last a while, just like how much I enjoyed fireworks, it last like, a minute or something. Can I ask for encore? Well the fireworks are already used and no reserve for it. Another example is the dancing and marching parade, once it passed you, consider it done. No wonder if we didn’t satisfied or want our money back, right? But then again, this train of thought could be applied in every stage of life, this underestimate others effort.


As I’m still awe by the fireworks. It really occur to me that, “Hell, I don’t care what most people say cuz there’s still others who appreciate what I’ve done”, yeah that thought crossed my mind. Probably that thought crossed to the guy who plays the fireworks, or other kind of job that were underestimated. I believe that we all contributing something to this world, even if it’s insignificant by some standard of value, such as works as janitor, as security, data entry, etc. We all a part of something bigger, a more grand design that beyond our comprehension.


Well, I guess somehow now I give a proper respect for those who work at the “petty” or blue “ collar” type of works. Just like the firework guy who were underappreciated by me before, I think he deserve a better credit, cuz even if it last like a minute or two, those minute or two are one of the best  moment in my life and just like Jimmy Eat World song, f this event will held again next year, I promise I see it again, I promise I see it with you now (no matter who I will ends up with).


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