As a man whose not favored by God

Takeru Yamato…I was gifted with really tall height for Japanese and got great physical abilities through a Hellish training. But…I couldn’t run faster than anyone else, I couldn’t be more powerful than anyone else. A jack of all trades but a mster of none.e were the “cards” that were dealt to me.

Takeru Yamato, Eyeshield 21

Recently, I just realized, from watched sport channel (also non-stop comic marathon of Slam Dunk and Eyeshield 21), that there are some people, or most people to be exact, that are not favored by God. No, it’s not like some reward or punishmnet from heaven or divine intervention, it’s far from divinity people. Look at this way, how many good or talented player out there? A lot, but there can be only one and all for the winner is what aplied to this world. Jason Kid for instance, or Kevin Garnett, I mean they are excellent player but probably history won’t remember them as a great player since they never won as NBA Champion. We probably just remembered those who won the championship such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, etc. My Dad says, “they were born on a wrong era where the other guy reign’s supreme”. Right man in the wrong time? How convenient if this could aplied in other aspect in life, such as when I got bad grade in Math, “Dad, everyone else also gets a bad grade. The test is too hard”, probably my dad will say, “Oh, so if others commit mass suicide, you’ll do it to huh?”. Damn parents with their American style double standard.

Hell, Kevin Garnett and Jason Kid could be considered lucky cuz they are master of something (though the other guy, whose reign’s supreme might be a better master). Why you ask me? Well, just like the quote above, jack of all trades but master of none (which make my statement about Kevin and Jason as a master is arguable, but hey, there’s a lot of higher place in this world right? There’s a master of all master probably. Sky’s the limit), at least Takeru is a jack of all trades. I think that me, myself, is an example of a guy who is, well fairly enough I say that I’m not even a jack of all trades (I’m not really good at something, just so-so in almost everything). So, I’m just the “other card” besides “ace”, “joker” or any other significant card.

This revelation is not shocking since I’m a pessimist, but it makes me wonder why I’m not dead yet, or at least commit suicide, known that I probably won’t be, won’t reach or won’t become the best (you know that the best thing in life aren’t for free and the best thing in life aren’t for me). But I think the answer lies in my previous blog about common people, where I wrote that common people tends to fail, used to fail and that’s what makes us pesistent little bastard. I’m too proud to commit suicide and too dumb to give up, so let’s say I’m in for an uphill battle against all odds and I’m doomed to play this game over and over again. Pretty dumb huh? Well, since I believe there’s no such thing as perfect (armor), if I try to again and again probably there will be a crack where I could pull through.

Bruce Lee once said that the opponent armed with weapon is less lethal than opponent who used bare hand because opponent wo armed will focus only to his weapon (consider this as a masterof something) while opponent with bare hand will use everything, anything around him as a weapon, foot, arm, rock etc (consider this as jack of all trades or even a nobody, like me).So, if you ask me, we (as a man whose not favored by God) don’t have time waste asking for something we don’t have. We can only look for the best way to fight with the thing we have…for our whole life.


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