If it means to you, it means a lot

The Music Industry can make you feel like a prostitute

Jonathan Davis – Korn

 Java Rockin Land

My cousins and me while watching Dzeek performs at Java Rockin Land

At 6th to 8th of August, Java Rockin’ Land was held in Jakarta (Lovely city, my city), at Ancol Festival Beach. Well, to sum it all, I could say that this is Woodstock Festival ala Indonesia where you pay one price for many artists, great bargain if you ask me. Festival for all, no VIP, no tribune just live music, and it held on a beach, very awesome if you ask me, we all just bunch of music lover.

But the problem is, just like any other festival in the world, name it, Rock in Rio, Woodstock, Summer Sonic, too many stage and sometimes head 2 head schedule between band (especially if you like both performer) is occured. Which is what happens here, Java Rockin’ Land provide Indonesian Band and also International Artist such as “Mew”, “Vertical Horizon”, “Mr. Big”, etc (they clash the schedule sometimes). What is the problem you ask me? Well for one, sometimes it’s hard for a band just to enter the festival, and if you a small not known yet band, you can’t bargain the schedule.

FYI : I saw the festival 2 days only, on 6th and 8th, not because the 7th is bad, I don’t have the money for daily pass (I get the 6th for free from my cousin, her picture on top, and on 8th my lovely cousin paying for me, yes I’m gonna pay her back next month). On 6th I saw band called “Drew”, they only got one single so far, so they covering Allanis Morissete (which is very awesome cover and also awesome performance from Drew, they are a very excellent live band), oh and their single is rather Jazzy-Pop so it kinda make sense they covering Allanis. The bad thing is, I came late, the festival kick-start at 16:00 but I came at 19:30-something so I watch them late, and they are pitted against Melee (the band from America which their single “Built to last” and “If you can’t hold on” quite popular plus they are international performer). So as a new band with only one single and performing in small stage (in the entrance and on the corner of the area), they are kinda left in the shadows. But I chose to watch them out of curiosity (and I don’t really like Melee, not my cup of tea), and yes, they took me by surprises with their amazing performance and boom, I’m their fans now.


Drew performing, sorry the photo sucks, I have 2 bring my own camera from now on. Cell phone camera sucks

It didn’t happen only for small indie (or major) band like Drew or Dzeek (the band which their photo is on top), it also happens to big-timer such as J-Rocks or Koil (OK, at least they have militant fans so the show still rocks). What about the other band who were really not known yet like “Sabotage” who performing on 8th on small stage which is kinda hidden, I’m lucky to catch their performance (though just near the end of their show cuz I watch “Amazing in Bed”, very nice band, you should check them out). Sabotage is been on the industry like a decade, still indie, radical and raw and still they didn’t get decent attention.



Here a photo of Sabotage performing in Java Rockin’ Land. Check them out on net everyone, please!!!!

It occurs 2 me that this industry is savage, where survival of the fittest is applied. Just look at the state of music industry today, decline in sales, piracy, also the double edge advantage of technology that make easier to access music or become musician. It’s so hard 2 be stand out among others. Here in Indonesia, being a musician means access 2 wealth if you could get just one hit, yes they are many one-hit-wonder in Indonesia, cuz the industry let it be that way.

With the state of music industry that I mention earlier, you could get a cold hard cash with the sales of RBT (Ring Back Tone), a savior of Indonesia music industry (it can’t be hacked, pirated so the label and industry could gain profit from it). It’s a double edge sword cuz it led to the birth of one-hit-wonder, instant star or just like Michael Jackson songs “gone too soon”, but then again, like I said earlier, you still retired rich (at least for couples of years).

I feel sorry for indie or major artist which choose the hard way to build their life, gig 2 gig, promo tour, keeps idealism, heck, they even have to act like prostitute, takes every chance to perform even in a very small scale performance like birthday party or small stage such as community show. They are overlooked in the shadow of industry. Hell, even some said that they are bunch of exclusive snob that just too full of themselves to co-op with the industry. No, they just do what they wants to do, write music, perform just like the good old day where songs or music means something, not just commodity or hip trend or something (I believe that if you are a musician, you want to let the world know your song, your lyrics, a message to be delivered not hidden from the world). Too bad most of this band didn’t make it, not all of them could get decent living (not five car, live large kinda thing, just survive) and have to buried their dream and became just like me, corporate robot and slave to the wages.

As I remembering all the great band performance on that festival, I realize one thing. That we all wants to be understood, we all have a message that need to be delivered, we need some acknowledgement. If I were a musician (which I’m not, I can’t even played a single musical instrument, just a music lover), I’d drown in my own orgasm if just one, just one person who watched my performance understands the message I delivered. I don’t need all spectator sing along together (it’s a bonus), I just need the acknowledgment. Vice versa, as a listener I felt tied or a connection, or something in me understood by the artist, we both share the same feeling, have something in common. It feels like a ritual, a religion, a drugs, an excellent mosh-pit, It makes all worthwhile, if it means something to you, it means a lot (just like if someone actually read or give a damn about my blog or any other form of job or hobby that we do.


AIB Blog

Here a picture of “Amazing in Bed”, yes their vocalist is foreigner, a very beautiful and talented (she’s a vocalist and a model) but she’s taken guys, kinda “married” in some way (why oh why, the humanity) named Lani Leyli.



Another picture of her on a magazine. Damn she’s beautiful

PS :        Do check “Drew”, “Dzeek” and “Amazing in Bed” they are awesome. You could check most of the artis that I “bold” in channel V Amp web site for a sample of their song.

PS PII :   We have an Australian girl as a vocalist in Indonesia, and in Australia, they  have Indonesian girl also as a vocalist in the band called “Young & Restless”, Karina Sutomo maybe they could trade or switch vocalist someday ^_^

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