Anatomy of Beauty

How very typical of life: from a distance, even the ugliness has beauty

Norrin Radd A.K.A. Siver Surfer, -Silver Surfer In Thy Name vol. 4-

Just like every typical kids, I grew up to become what a parents would want in a son (though now I think I’m an infidel in term of granting what my parents would want me to be ^_^). This wishes, what parents wants also include the definition of beauty, or what a future wife supposed to look like.

My parents always taught me that a beautiful women is someone who is thin, long hair, feminine-mother like and dress gracefully like a princess, oh yeah white skin (OK, it sounds so apartheid and white supremacy I admit). I agree with that to some point, hell I even once said/think that inner beauty is a fabricated lie, a poor excuses, a sad justification to deny the fact that not all of us, women especially, is beautiful. Come on, don’t blame me for that, I mean survival of the fittest also works in this area, though come to think of it, survival of the fittest is somehow absurd knowing that “primus interpares” the chosen one is a rare specimen, so it means that common people or the idiot is the one who breed the most right?

Then again, in some points of life, I learn that the definition of beauty is really diverse, really vast to the point that what is beautiful to someone could mean ugly to the other. A Friend of mine have a soft spot for fat girl (he said that’s not fat, but it’s “full/filled”), another friend of mine have a spot for a girl with long hair (a necessity for him, along with the ability to cook), while me, well I don’t know (sounds irresponsible I admit).

I mean my parents taught me that a beautiful girl is a girl with the definition mention above in paragraph 2, but then again my preference is somehow switched. Now I have a soft spot for a girl with glasses, a fetish for a girl who play music instrument (or a vocalist), or a rebel tomboyish girl, but my sister said I have a soft spot for a girl next door type (which my sister said is a compensation to the fact that I’m just a sad middle class people who didn’t have guts to dream big, so I chose girl next door type who is low maintenance and probably not “high season” thus not much competition there, hey it’s called diamond in a rough train of thought, there’s a fun in discovering a treasure you know).

So, to discover what I really want in a girl, I decide to try to some sort of compile the anthology of all the girls I love (I have crush to be exact since I think love is a very strong word and become a cliché nowadays). So here we go:

1. Supermodel or just model

So of course, this is what I called beauty by the definition of most people in this world, especially a few decades ago when a black African women still hard to be called super model. And as far as I can remember, my first love or crush to be exact is super model at my elementary days such as Cindy Crawford or Liv Tyler, Claudia Schiefer (sorry if I wrote it wrong). Here’s some example of the perfect beauty type, looks so sexy your jaw dropped and you would do anything, a servant for a high maintenance girl, even you would scream “punish me” in kinky way of course ^_^. But that’s where the problem lies, I think this type of girl is just good for day dreaming, one night stand, masturbation or something cuz after the exterior beauty went of, I wonder will I still be crazy for them (I hope deep down this type of girl is a nice girl (what a perfect women it is if it really true).


Yabuki Haruna, Dang awesome woman, just can’t help my self here


Loiuse Glover, man, what women woo ho


Francine Prietro from Philippine, speechless here guys

2. Girl with glasses/smart

This is just some of the girl who just looks smart it makes them sexy. Who said that smarty is nerdy, it’s sexy. This type of girl is very interesting that you know that this is the women that should be your wife or mother for your children so the next generation won’t be stupid or retarded ^_^. So here some example of this type

Babs comicvine

Sara Lima A.K.A. Babs from she sure knows comic (a lot, which really makes her my dream women)


Isyana Bagoes Oka, news anchor for RCTI, another reason why watching news is as exciting as watching entertainment channel


Lani Leyli, vocalist for “Amazing in Bed”, OK, she’s not wearing glasses, but the fact that she is a English teacher/model and also vocalist (she works in Indonesia as an English teacher and the other job is side job establish her as a smart type, also sexy and awesome, too bad you’re “married” woman)

3. Rebel/tomboyish

There will a time in your life that you just have the urge to defy things, to upset the establishment and screw the man “above” (especially if you are an corporate robot and slave to the wages like me), this girl is a best partner in crime. Or maybe we all just need to change something, to save someone, to make them back on track or something. So, here’s some example


Agyness Deyn, real name Laura Holins, a new type of super model that proofs the term of beauty is not always long hair, feminine. Yeah she also sang and has a band


OK, some says that she’s fake, but then again she once proofs that you don’t have to be popish and look sexy like Britney or X-tina to be success, plus she’s beautiful and sexy to begin with.


Hayley Williams of Paramore, now this is a girl that I willing to go all the way just to have her by my side, maybe I could be an all time groupie. She’s just stunning if you ask me

4. Alternative

This is some anomaly, not in your type but just breaks in and have you down on your knees. OK, I admit I never really into black woman (I hate hip hop culture, at least the one with party all night long and bling bling. I love the truth or social critics rap just like the good old days such as NWA, Ice Cube (not Vanilla Ice please), or Eminem in hi serious lyrics like “Stan” or “”Cleaning Out My Closet”). Not just black woman, since I was taught that thin is beauty, I don’t have a list of fat, or not thin to be exact

alicia keys

Alicia Keys, she is just stunning, top of the list black women (kick Hayley Berry even, at least for me).


Sarah Taylor from Much TV Channel, really an anomaly, back, Afro hair but there’s something about her that tear me inside out


Claudia Lohanata, I can’t remember it well, but I think she is the first girl that I was fell in love with, yes I said love, I can’t get her out of my thought. My first since middle high, probably till now (hope she don’t read this)

5. Girl next door

This is what my sister said as my “pathetic weakling mind and low self esteem” preference. I like this kinda girl cuz I can’t afford the super model, rebel, and every other list before (maybe alternative I still could). But then again, girl next door is what I want from a girl cuz I feel homey, safe, know what to do and just be myself. The type of girl that I want to spend my pathetic life with. Here’s some example


Kristen Stewart, I don’t know why lots of people, especially girls, said that she’s not pretty (what? She’s stunning, lovely, talented, and the list goes on and on) I put her here cuz that’s what majority thinks of her (minority rules!!!)


Ellen Page, actress in Juno, Smart people or the God-forsaken bad X men The Last Stand (FYI: I’m an X men fans, but that movie is horrible). Well she is just smart streetwise and girl next door eh?

So then again, I still don’t know which type is my favorite, I still can’t define the anatomy of beauty, it is different for each individual, but probably the girl next door is what I wanted (damn my sister is right), to make matter worst, most of the girl I displayed here younger than me, am I pedophilic now? Jeez.

My Friend once said, if you saw an ugly girl, stare at her, gaze at her long enough and somehow you’ll see there’s some beauty in her (it’s actually works you know, I prove it to myself). So each girl is beauty then? Well, probably I just can’t have enough of them and I want them all, he them. As long as it’s beautiful girl, I take it, any way at all ^_^.


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