Cynical Mode On


A picture of me taken while I’m at an Internet café, late at night and after a stressful day

Why do I smoke? Cuz I don’t wanna breath the filthy, stinkin’ air this world has to offer, I had enough of it so I decided to poisoned myself with my very own poison, nicotine.

Why do I wearing a headphone that big? Cuz I’m tired to hear all the lies and noises this world has to offer. Screw them, I chose to hear my very own tune that I pick myself.

Sounds like some whiny woe, sad excuses and again a shallow victory against everything that comes in my way. Then again, probably this is the kind of defiance that most people have to (or at least all that’s left) offer against this world.

Why and how I turn into such an cycnical bastard here? God only know (hint : bruised & broken).


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