A Tales of the Ages

What a mess, life turns out to be, it was at its best when you were only three. We can stow with all the things that turn us out and we can go write down the list and throw it out, can we start over? Cuz it’s over..,
Abandoned Pools, Start Over

I went to another funeral this week (man, I’ve been attending too much funeral and still I don’t feel the fear of loosing my insignificant life, maybe cuz it’s insignificant). This time I went to my co-worker’s mom funeral. Well, his mom is already ill so it’s just counting the day I guess.


What’s interesting is a topic that was brought by my co-worker auntie when I suddenly strike a boring conversation (you know, about the weather and stuffs) and then we shifted to a more serious topic. I ask her how she feels about the death of a family (who is younger than her). She told me that as an elder woman, she knew that things like this bounds to happen, besides the age factor. She told me about a story that her parents taught to her when she was little, about a consequence that was made by our ancestor. A story of life span or expectancy that were affected by believe in Moslem world that most people will only live till 60 something (cuz the last prophet in Islam, Mohammad died in the age 60).


Long time ago, before the creation of earth, God summon human (still prototype at the moment). God said, “I’ll give you 25 years as your time limit in soon to be earth”. Human as the most perfect creature said that 25 years might not be enough (than again, we never had enough didn’t we?). God said that in order to do that, human must took, or to be more polite, human have to ask others creature life limit. So human summon other creature that have close relation in their life in soon to be earth. Human summon Dog, Horse and cow (cuz human is an agriculture in early age, so they summon animal that have close relation in daily life as a farmer or something like that.


Strangely, God has a fetish with age 25. He gave every living creature 25 years as a life span. Human ask 15 years from horse cuz he told horse that there is no point for them to live longer than 10 years cuz after 10 years old horse will be old and didn’t have enough strength to work as they should be. Horse agreed and gave human 15 years of its life; they said what’s the point to live long just to be a labor for human.


Still human thinks that 40 years is not enough, he summon cow (also with 25 years life span). Human ask 10 years of cow life cuz after 15 years cow won’t be able to do the work and their meat most likely won’t be nice and firm. Cow agrees knowing that there is no point to live longer than 10 years just to be labor and food for human.


And still human thinks that 55 years not long enough so they summon dog. Human ask 10 years of dog life (cuz dog is man best friend human only ask 10 years). As human best compatriot dog agreed (Good dog). Still human is a greedy bastard and want to ask from other creature, but God also had enough and told them about three wishes rule as in Aladdin story), so human is settle for 65 years life span.


So human live 25 years as a happy young man care free of the world. Then human spent their 26-40 years as a horse try to live and feed their family and next generation. Then human spent 41-55 years as a cow to work and rest (to become food for youngster, or to give their position and job for the next generation). And then human spent their 56-65 years as a dog who became pet and guard their house. And then? Most people died cuz they have no other purpose after 65 years (so they believe).


What’s the moral of the story? Human is a greedy bastard and human life cycle I guess. Kinda cool to know that an elder woman have a same cynical view in life like me (cynical is the way of life, yeah!!!). Well, I guess just like cow and horse that agreed to give their life rather than lives as slave or labor (even food for other), would it be better to die young when we were on top? Live fast die young just like Sid Vicious (Sex Pistol bassist in case you didn’t know) said, at least we leave a good looking corpse and a story of success, not fall cuz we haven’t face the fall yet.


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