Memoirs of a Gamer : Prologue

I don’t know why I even bother to write this, probably cuz somehow I become less and less gamer everyday. Maybe I’m jaded or something (too much of a good thing, Hell, too much of anything is never good people). But I always consider myself as a gamer, not just a video game player. I’m what most people called “baby boomer”. I already played video game since Atari 2600, well, at least my dad play it and I play it too, even if I don’t know how to play it at that time, I just play it (wow, I played “Custer Revenge” and “Burning Desire” on Atari 2600 when I was 4 years old. This game is “R” rated and considered as 10 most dangerous / naughty / porn game of all time by EGM magazine, and I’m too small to enjoy the explicit content, damn!!!). You could say that I went through all the historic moment of video game, I was there playing Nintendo Entertainment System the (8-bit era), SEGA Mega drive (16-bit era), I was there when Playstation and SEGA Saturn launched (32-bit era), been there playing SEGA Dreamcast and Playstation 2 (128-bit era), and now, though I don’t own the next-gen video game console (Playstation 3, X-Box 360, etc where the term “bit” is out dated and thrown out), I always give attention to the gaming world.

The begining of everything to me

But I’m truly considered myself as a gamer when I was playing SEGA Mega Drive, it’s not like I’m not enjoying play Nintendo or Atari, but I’m just a player not a gamer back then. With SEGA I found myself obsessed, just like a hungry wolf I play. My first cartridge (probably now you all familiar with CD or DVD or Blue-Ray, not cartridge format) is “The Amazing Spiderman”, the game sucks big time (by today standard, but great game should stand the test of time like Tetris for example), like all franchise movie or game made into game (Super hero movies keeps getting better and better, why can’t super hero game?), but waaaay back, it’s the greatest game of all time, well, when I was little, every kind of Spiderman or Batman is cool no matter what sucks gameplay it provided. The reason why I became a gamer in the first place, love for an idol, first pathway to became “otaku”..or fanboy.

Well, video game is (especially console) a unique industry, every others industry loathe sequel (especially movie). Every other industry always try to avoiding sequel, the sequel product always compared and seems inferior prior to the prequel, but video game is a sequel driven industry, gamer always hunger for more and more sequel, e.g. “Final Fantasy”, already hit XII and XIII is currently in the making, makes me wonder they name it ”Final Fantasy” in the first place (aware the bold, italic and underlined there?).
Other cool feature about video game industry is the “no boundary”. There seems to be no boundary, no limit that can stop the improvement or perfection of the game it self. People always somehow amazed by how some console manage to push the specification limit and put gorgeous graphic in a platform that seems impossible to pull it off, like how great the graphic in Quake 2 (it’s a sin to look that good on playstation platform) or how Metroid Prime in Gamecube looks like a game from 10 years ahead it’s time. I know that most of you said, “PC is better”, well my friend, if you up-grade you PC like every month-every year, of course you got amazing graphic but console my friend, it last like 5 or even more years. It’s limitation and how developer push it limits is what makes console is amazing.

Hell, I could babbling all page long but I’ll make it short. Maybe there’s a gamer left in me. With PS3, X Box 360 and Wii on a race, I can’t wait to see more excitement and surprizes. Game on!!!

Even if the controller become more & more stupid, I still can't wait

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