Official, Playstation Launched In Indonesia

view topView from the top of Playstation launch venue

1. The Launching

Finally, after being neglected and ignored by Sony Corporation in Indonesia (despite the fact that Playstation, as brand, is Sony’s leading brand and one, or to be a little hyperbole, is a savior that keeps Sony as a brand, one of the leading brand in electronic peripheral), Playstation (PS3 Slim and PSP Go) finally “lands” in Indonesia, and it’s being launched on 1st of October till 4th of October 2008 in Mall Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Before this launch, Playstation came to Indonesia as an imported goods or smuggling goods ^_^.

Probably the reason why Playstation hasn’t acknowledged till now is cuz majority, OK 97%, of Playstation software in Indonesia is a pirated version (Thnx God for CD/DVD Writer and mod-chip that allow a hack in region code and ability to play pirated software). With PS3 and it’s Blu-ray technology, which hasn’t being pirated yet, well not a mass product anyway. To copy a Blu-ray is still expensive at the moment. I guess that’s why Sony finally legalized Playstation in Indonesia (although at 1999 Sony International once claimed that they didn’t actually cared about the sales in software as long as the hardware sold well, just like Apple Corp. didn’t actually focus on i-tunes but more how to sell the shiny I-pod).

Anyway, the show was nice, I ain’t gonna say a success cuz I guess cuz video game ain’t really a “hit” in Indonesia, only minority play it (or to be called as the oh-so-awesome-title “gamer”, many in Indonesia just a casual video game player, or just wannabe that play video game cuz it’s cool or the hottest thing around). So I guess to be called success, I have to check the sales volume (which I don’t have the data or even want to check it out (don’t bother me with details or number, I hate them).

I came to the 3rd day of the launch, that day there were a cosplay contest (on the last day on 4th of October there’s a Gran Turismo 5 contest where the winner going face to face with Zahir Ali, a national class racer, well Asian class to be exact). First things first, the launch is filled with PS3 Slim and PSP Go hardware display (all over the place). PS3 Slim display (along with Sony’s very own Bravia TV line in full 1080p display) game are, not in alphabetical or any means of order (just the first thing that pop in my mind), Ninja Gaiden Sigma (cool display of moves by veteran gamer and of course poor skill of newbie kids), Soul Calibur 4 (packed with Darth Vader, cool), Uncharted (from Naughty Dog Studio that brings Jak and Crash. Oh the game is show stopper cuz it plotted in Indonesia and using Indonesian language such as “Tai kamu!” an equivalent with “fu*k you!”, well Tai is shit in English, human feces to be exact), etc.Of course Sony also present LittleBigPlanet (their iconic character nowadays, replacing Jak, Crash and others, cool gameplay anyway).

PS3 DEMO (Uncharted & Soul Calibur)

Uncharted and Soul calibur, amazing showcases of graphic technology here

Me & Li'l big planet

Me & the “sackboy” from LittleBigPlanet

GT5 Panel

GT5 Simulator, cool kinda like real car (no clutches though)

GT5 Monitor

Ghost race, deciding the fastest lap time

What’s next? Oh, cosplay contest, well, I’m not really into it, but it’s cool to see how those cosplayer soo, well passionate with their “hobby”. Well, I don’t know the connection, but somehow in all the show like this (a little Japanese or even ceremony that includes fun or game or whatever) tokusatsu always showed up (you know, Kamen Rider and stuffs) and Playstation launch also has it’s own tokusatsu cosplayer, Kamen Rider Kuga if I’m not mistaken (this guys actually start up as a hobby but somehow they became professional and getting paid for showed up with their costume).


Some random picture with Tokusatsu cosplayer (don’t know who that dude is, just lucky to get shot I guess)

Oh, the cosplay contest, well the winner is a guy wearing suits from Samurai warrior (what’s cool is the background music he chose, “Aku Lupa Aku Luka” or “I forgot I bled” in English by Indonesian band, the awesome and magnificent Koil). Oh, the girl who is cosplaying as Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 is HOTT!!!! (Damn! She’s a model material and she’s cute, lovable, etc yada yada yada, bottom line, I wish she were my girl). Well the 1st champion got PS3 Slim, 2nd got PSP Go and 3rd got merchandise from Sony.

winer cosplay

Too bad the picture is blur and the girl I mention before is far, probably I melt if I get to close with her.

2. Afterthought

Well, did it come too late for the launch? OK, PS3 Slim is new, but PS3 itself is an old story (full of bitter issues such as too pricey, for the previous incarnation the big elegant PS3, the new format which is still new for the masses the Blu-ray, the still non pirated software existed, and of course the attack from the competitor such as Wii and X Box 360). Nonetheless, it’s nice to see Playstation officially launched in Indonesia.

If I had to chose between the big three (PS3, X Box 360 and Wii), I chose PS3. Why? Cuz I think X Box 360 is too American (which I am a Japanese preferred gamer with it’s wacky game play. I know it’s rather absurd cuz nowadays Microsoft also filled with Japanese game) and Wii is too kiddie-childish (also absurd cuz Wii also filled with R and M Rated game nowadays) and not my cup of milk (I know it’s fun using the sensor motion, but I’m a conservative guy whose preferred classic game play and conservative controller, at least Wii controller suck for fighting game). I also aware that “exclusive” game is became rare and extinct nowadays (Metal Gear and Final Fantasy franchise also released in X Box and Wii) but I stand uncorrected with my choice PS3.

I believe that Playstation is the last defense line for a “true gamer’” (a definition made by me that drew a line between “gamer”, the highest order of game player, “player”, a casual game player, and “wannabe”, @$$hole that playing game cuz it’s the hottest trend at the moment or something). I believe that PS3 still holds the old order of game, such as conventional gameplay (with tweaks here and there to make gamer keep on playing), conventional controller (Playstation 2 and X Box 360 still holds the best controller for fighting game for me), and of course game software that fits my taste.

So, either you’re a gamer enthusiast or just techie, PS3 Slim is a great way to enjoy Blu-ray (it’s one of the cheapest Blu-ray player). I highly recommended you to buy it, I know I would.


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