Amazing in Bed 5th Anniversary Party


1. Foreword

Who is Amazing in Bed? Well to sum it, Amazing in Bed (AiB to be short) is a garage punk / post punk / riot grrrl who offers urban riot concept (hope it’s not some false prejudice from a random fan boy like me ^_^). The members are Lani Leyli in vox (beautiful & cute foreigner, which makes me wonder about working permit issue), Aldien Haekalani as guitarist, Nicko Krisna as guitarist, Pondra Novara as bassist and last but not least Vemby Wiraseba at Drum. And since on 21st of October 2009 they celebrating their 5th anniversary with a birthday concert in The Green Bar & Resto @ Kemang, I guess they already 5 years old (kinda obvious isn’t it?).

Well, just as everything in life, nothing good can last. Of course, there’s ups and down in this band also. Notable that the first drummer being replaced (vemby was a replacement) also their first vocalist Dyana Savina (A.K.A. Vina Clanir, the grrrl who offers the concept clanirism which I still can’t fully understand till now). Vina departure was a shock (at least for me) cuz the time the band was emerged in Indonesia music scene (with promo tour and first video clip), the vocalist decided to, well in some way or another, “quit” or postponed from the band.

But then again the show must go on and I’m glad they decided to keep this band alive (one of my favorite band). The replacement members are as good as the one they replaced or at least keeps the show coming. Couldn’t tell much bout the first drummer since when I first heard them Vemby already on board, but Vina as the front girl is a vital ingredient for this band. The concept she offers, clanirism, inspired a lot of the song material of the band (and concept of riot grrl). Her replacements Lani have different character, Lani is kinda rockabilly and have softer voice than Vina’s raw voice, but I think, Lani nails it quite nice. Also I think her existence would influenced some progress in AiB net album (can’t wait, their new material songs which played in live show are good and different from previous material).


2. The Show

The show start at 7 pm (more or less I forgot) and kick started by Telegraph, a band which I don’t know at the moment (still didn’t know right now). But the announcer, radio DJ from OZ Radio (Inga) and the other guy from ARH Global Radio (sorry I forgot the name of that guy) tells us that The Telegraph are influenced by Interpol and Bloc Party. Well said, cuz they show off good material with staccato guitar and beats like Bloc Party and Interpol. I think they could be big (given enough time and more experience on stage). They also handles problem quite well though they not talkative on stage (they handle problem well when the mike suddenly off).

The Telegraph

Good music and nice performance from Telegraph



Next performer is Holly City Rollers, a band whose album just launched recently (available on music store near you) shows awesome performance. With music influenced by the likes of Pete Doherty and Julian Casablanca, also with years of experience (they are 9 years old anyway), they showcased enough reason for me to buy their album on the next day. Awesome, I almost thought that the best show of the day was theirs, but of course there still 2 bands that hasn’t performed (still cross my finger for nice performance to come)

Holly City Rollers

Awesome performance, awesome song. Highly recommended



Next is Dzeek, one of my favorite bands. Some people consider them as Indonesia’s very own Radiohead, but if you ask me they have character of their own. Dzeek performance was always all out. As if no matter how many people watch them (even if there’s no one around, I bet) they still show some kick @$$ performance. Nice intermezzos when they played intro of AiB song “Romansick” (one of the most recognizable, easy listening and haunting song from them, which also I think everyone favorite if they knew AiB song) before they turned it up-side-down to one of theirs single “What Now”. Kudos guys, awesome!


Awesome band, but not everyone cup of tea I guess (too British?).



And the last performance, the B-Day band it self, Amazing in Bed, of course the main course is what the crowd wanted. All the previous awesome performance wasn’t triggered the crowd into the stage (still it’s nice for photographer to have such space and angle to explore) but AiB manage to pull the crowd to the stage (well, this is what the crowd paid to watch anyway, or maybe cuz Lani is such a hottie that all the guy wants to take close up picture? I don’t know). I know they promised guest star on the stage, but it’s nice to see the former drummer (whose Vemby replaced) went on stage and played “Clanirism Hedonism”. Oh’ also it’s cute to know they add a sado-masochist guy inspired by Jimmy Hendrix as additional guitarist (I’m kidding, it’s their guitarist Nicko).

Amazing in Bed 2

AiB with the SM Guy I mentioned earlier


Hendrix mixed up

Another shot of the SM Guy ^_^



AiB brings good performance when they invite Nengah “Sister Duke” (some vocalist in genre of some sort jazzy I guess) to sing “Deviant Love Song”. A bonus track in AiB first album. A great track about homosexual love, which is sang by Nengah quite differently (a least the lyrics sometimes change to “cuz I’m a girl and you are a boy”) and the song could be interpreted as against all odds love song.

Sister Duke

Soothing acoustic performance by Nengah accompanied by the SM Guy



AIB also brings 2 guest stars, Local Drug Store and Pee Wee Gaskin vocalist Dochi . Local Drug Store (DJ? most logical genre I guess) remixed AiB song “Video Game”, which performed nicely with the company of Lani in vocal and Pondra Bass section, while Dochi do a duet with Lani in “My Kick Ass Lover” (with the infectious “oi oi oi” lyrics). The poster said also performance by Yudhi from “Everybody Loves Irene” but I guess I miss the appearance.

Local Drug Store

Lani-Pondra-Local Drug Store interpretations of “Video Game”


Dochi Pee Wee Gaskin

Nice Duet



The spotlight of the show of course when they performing “Romansick” with additional vocal by the guest (some fans and crew), Monyet (a guest who also once a vocalist) and the whole crowd. I always love when the crowd synchronized with the performer, it’s like some sort of inauguration or some baptism (welcome to the church of some band ^_^). Love the show guys.

Play List

The play list from the AiB, which not all song played due to time limit. Such a shame they didn’t play “Don’t Ask” (one of my favorite)



3. Afterthought

I guess the show is quite a success, the sound is nice (not perfect though) and te intimacy of small club is there (the kind I love rather than big stage full with wannabe), though I almost can’t distinguish the crowd from the invited crowd. It’s nice and awesome show nonetheless. I guess 5 years again I can see their anniversary gig (though ever year they having birthday).
I hope they can maintain the band and still exist for years to come. I really love this band, though honestly the reason I watch the show, even skipping work the next day is cuz 2 of my favorite band Dzeek and AiB (also I’m curious to see Holly City Rollers) performing in one stage. Well I believe that royal blood or hefty inheritance won’t make you an empire, knowing the right guys will. That’s why I watch the guest band for some music reference and I’m not complaining or ask my money back (I’m satisfied and drown in orgasm to be hyperbolic).

Amazing in Bed over

AiB throwing away some souvenirs. Nice show guys. Hope will see the next gig again soon


4 thoughts on “Amazing in Bed 5th Anniversary Party

  1. Hey.. glad you like Telegraph in some way 😀 nice writting mate! We’ll fix the syntax error, in this case: lack of communication, on stage in the future. Really appreciate your input 🙂

  2. Used the be one of the managers, but since I pursue my study in Holland, I’m just doing their publicity now. Might as well make a video for them in my spare time. Hohohoho…
    No, we haven’t got an album yet. Only a demo that we hand out to the media. I think the guys gave away CDs at AiB’s anniversary didn’t they?
    But glad that you like our music. You’ll be the first one I note if there’s any chance of making an album. Cheers!

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