On the right track but going the wrong way

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement

William Shakespeare

My birthday is coming very soon 12th November anyway, I hate birthday cuz it’s a reminder of how old I am / was, and just what f@*jed up my life is. I’m 26 years old this year and I’m still not married or even have a girlfriend for all that matter (of course it’s matter cuz the reason I don’t date is my money went to my parent, a sign that I should find a new job with bigger salary), still live with my parents, well to sum it up, I’m a failure to launch. I have to improve myself knowing that 26 is an age limit as entry level, I have to improve myself.


So, to make myself feel better or just to escape from reality, and find some booster to improve myself, I rent and also borrow from my sister, Disney movie collection (just name it I watch it, exception is High school Musical, I just can’t stand it though I kept singin “Gotta Go My Own Way” ^_^). After a marathon of magical and world of wonder, somehow I realize one thing, those movie TOLD A FABRICATED LIE, especially “You can be anything you want to be, if you just try hard enough” dogma.
OK, maybe I’m a pessimist bastard but here’s what the world has taught me, a shrimp will never be a whale!!! No matter how hard he tried. That’s a solid fact, undeniable truth, cold hard truth and nothing but the truth. It’s just not in it, just like how black man (no offence or racist here) is a natural runner, it’s in his DNA. Or just how westerner generally has bigger bodies than Asian. I admit that this theory somehow deny the fact that Darwin’s evolution theory is existed, though evolution theory takes millions year and somehow the fact that most vegetarian even in America ain’t that tall anymore kinda convincing Darwin’s theory.



As I watched those movie about reaching dream, eternal love, and all the stuff that only you can found in Carebears or Sesame Street (if you don’t know this then ask your parents or uncle about Carebears or Sesame Street), I admit that I’m touched. I love the scene where there’s a story about a guy who everyone said can’t make it to the (Basketball) team, I forgot the title cuz it sucks big time. That guy (short FYI) insisted that he could make it to the team. So he train harder than anyone else, day and night constantly (ain’t he supposed to be a student? When does he study anyway?). To make story short, before graduation day the team is competing in national final and the guy still doesn’t have the chance to play. Suddenly, one of the players is injured and somehow the team doesn’t have any substitute besides the guy (weird huh?). So the guy plays, in overtime, just in the knack of time before times run out he make a victory (lucky) shot and the team win. So the guy became a hero and also star in his school and prom. All the hard work paid and his dream is reached. Fin.


Well after the touchy sentimental feeling fades, and my senses and logic takes control, that stupid movie is a blasphemy if you are a logical creature and it’s not cuz I’m a pessimist, it’s just plain idiot. Let me put it this way, the guy spent (or wasted to be exact) his time and effort to a goal that’s not even worth it. Why? If we say that his effort is an investment, I dare you to say or admit that is a lost cause. All the hard works and effort, all the time he wasted, he can use all the time and effort somewhere else and got more than what he already got now. Maybe the guy good at computer, why don’t he use all the time he used to practice to study computer? He could give Billy G from Micro and soft (puny) run for its money.


Well, in terms of sport I could put it this way, I’m a footballer or soccer player, that didn’t have the dribble ability but have decent sprint and heading ability. Of course to improve myself I would spend more time on my sprint and heading than what I’m lack of, dribble. It’s logic anyway. I may not be the best sprinter or header but at the very least I’ll be a better me than the previous me. Sad but true, that’s the only way most of us whose not bestowed with gift of talent by God, as a man whose not favored by God (I seems to enjoy blaming God this day he he). But you know what? Even the man whose I acknowledged as favored by God even knew that there is always a better person than him, is like a circle of never ending battle to be the best.


I’m 100% sure that people who still believe that stupid dogma ““You can be anything you want to be, if you just try hard enough” is on the right track but going the wrong way to improve themselves. I believe that you can’t be anything you want to be, BUT you can be a lot more of who you already are (though not the best), and that’s good enough somehow. One step at a time for a better tomorrow. I’ll star the revolution from my bed and google new job on the internet, like they say, journey to a wonderful site start with a single click (am I search for job or porn here????)


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