Avatar, 14 years in the making?

They are blue and cool (and they are not smurf, which is a good thing)


I just watch James Cameron’s “Avatar” last week (finally, that is) and cuz I didn’t have high expectation of it, (I think the premise of 14 years old script and 4 years in the makin’ is a PR B.S. and if it took that long for makin’ it, there are 2 possibilities, first the script so suck that no one bother to made them or the producer think that the movie won’t perform well in box office chart) I was very pleased with the movie. It really met it hype.

Well, honestly I don’t think the movie will perform well in box office chart cuz  the 3D CG effect ain’t that hot (for today standard that is) and the character design is, well to be polite I called it weird (how many X Men’s night crawler could a guy handle? Don’t get me wrong, I love night crawler but the moment he obtain his full potential as a character, it tends to be exploited to the point the character became a cliché and suck, I talk about you Logan, you overrated bastard!). Other notably weird fact is the main actor Sam Worthington. Why? Well cuz Sam recently played in Terminator Salvation (a so-so movie btw) as the Terminator (sort of anyway) and you know Terminator 2 is the crème de la crème of Terminator series, which made James Cameron, Arnold and other actor / actresses whose played in that movie a star overnight.  Think when James Cameron (I called him JC from this moment) saw Terminator Salvation and thought ‘hmm de –javu, I saw Arnold reincarnation which didn’t met his full potential yet, like Arnold before, I COULD MAKE A FORTUNE HERE”. Thus, a no-brainer conclusion of shameless rip off attempt of making a clone of your success from years ago (cuz I think JC had lost his magic touch when Titanic launched, and sink, just like the story, big budget crap with annoying theme song, just my personal opinion here. And the last and the most annoying fact is many people thought this movie is “Avatar; the legend of Aang” the nickelodeon TV series (I heard lots of complaints from children viewer that they watch the wrong movie, well it’s an internet era dude, do a little research before do something people).

The lovely blue character (besides Beast) from the X Men, the Amazing Nightcrawler (or it’s supposed to be the Amazing Spiderman)

See the difference? The blue skin, the tail? Probably the difference is the teleportation skill and the Nav’i have human-like hand and feet. The similarity is uncanny; we could talk about lawsuit here

But if you gave this movie a chance, you’ll see that this is a movie that really well written and perfectly executed. I now I said the 3D ain’t that hot (I’m a video gamer and since so many cut scenes or FMV nowadays made with CG, it felt like you’ve seen it all and no more surprises. Well I said the CG is good (not awesome) and fits the entire universe of the movie. If you were there when Soul Edge / Soul Blade released (back in 1997) on Playstation, you’ll remember how hardcore the opening CG is, especially when Namco rendered the whole valley just for 3 seconds of the opening movie (but now it’s a common thing in video game) and that’s how the CG executed in Avatar is. You know they work hard for it and it’s performs nicely (still didn’t “move” me to say it’s awesome somehow).

James Cameron said that this movie took 14 years in the making, but somehow I found his vision is obviously inspired by video game. Planet Pandora is a vast and beautiful tropical rain, sort of, with alien inhabitant. But watch closely, the forest kinda like Final Fantasy World, especially from Final Fantasy X’s Spira, complete with the lighting from the plant and also the love scene ^_^. Also, the flying lizard, Turok Maghtu if I’m not mistaken and that green one is obviously a rip off from Panzer Dragoon, a game from SEGA. Another video game inspired is the flying mountain, which is a trademark of RPG (Japanese though, such as Valkyrie Profile or Grandia and Skies of Arcadia). Ain’t wise Cameron, especially the fact that video game now is a major entertainment, unlike segmented market like years ago.

Another lawsuit possibility here (or another game inspired vision of Cameron). Just Google Panzer Dragoon and you see what I’m talking about (the difference is the lost of laser gun from Panzer Dragoon)

The story is the most standout thing in Avatar. It makes me believe that the script is 14 years old (of course with revision here and there, 14 years! If it sucks than it means that the guy is a drooling idiot). I tried to find the flaw or some plot hole but it’s written nicely and didn’t defy logic (at least for my tiny little brain that is). If you love sci-fi movie such as Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix (Ghost in the Shell and Experiment Lain rip off FYI), etc, you’ll launch well to see the story and for the dummies, don’t worry the story flow smoothly that you didn’t have time to questioning things (at least till the movie ends and you’re not the jerks who ruins the movie theatre with questions to your friends).

You’ll now that the movie will ends (somehow that the main character will switch sides and helping the aliens, the native called Nav’i, but how the guy switching side is so beautifully crafted. Or how you’ll knew that the guy will fell in love with his “mentor” or sort of, but you’ll smile when it happens (and it’s one of the most beautiful make out scene, if it could be called a make out, so beautiful and natural). The last time I admit a movie is well written despite the whole plot has been figured out is when I saw “Zombie land”, you’ll knew how it ends (only 2 options, whether they all dead or survive) but you’ll enjoy every moment of it (I didn’t even questioning how the zombie first appear (virus? Mutated dead body? Hell I don’t care at that time).

And one hardcore thing is, this movie create it’s own Nav’i language (just like when Lord of the Rings make it’s own middle earth language or Superman with it’s kryptonian language, though it’s created years after the success and it will look cool or certifiable valid proof that Superman is cool, which is failed, S-Man is a sissy if you ask me). Of course you can’t go wrong (well almost, check my Superman statement for some insight) with something like this.

Bottom-line is, it’s a good movie, and nice kick-start for the 21st century opening for a breakthrough and revolutionary (debatable) film, just like when Star Wars and Lord of the Rings appear last century. Watch it, you’ll have a more than 2 hours (almost three hour, 140 minutes if I’m not mistaken) of fun ride (worth all the bucks you’ll wasted for a movie). 


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