Take Matter with my our hand

From the beginning I knew, that there’s nothing WRONG with you…that I can’t fix…with my Hands
-Batman – Batman : The Dark Knight Returns, Book Three, “Hunt the Dark knight”,

If you love Batman, or any other Super Hero story, you knew that most of the main character become Super Hero cuz they think, or they believe that the authority can’t do things right, such as serves the justice right. So they take matters with their own hand. Thus the term vigilante was born.
That condition, when people think that authority can’t do things right and people take matters with their own hand, is a rare thing to be seen nowadays. Most people become apathy-like knowing that this world is hard to change, or at least to be suits to our ideal state of mind.
Or the other reason we become apathy is cuz we already give our right or privilege to our congressman or to our senator or any other form of institution that work on our behalf (which somehow the people that we chose, whether it was with our own conscious or even cuz we chose it cuz we have no other option, rather than abstain and lose our right to protest the government policy, well I believe that if we abstain or not using our right, we lose our right to protest the government policy which is resulted by the very own government that we chose with or to our self didin’t work for our behalf).
Maybe the previous example is too complicated or we just didn’t give a damn about it (which I did, I don’t give a damn about it), so I came up with simple example, from sports point of view, to be exact, a soccer fans point of view. Did you realize that most people who watch soccer, or football for all that matters, is mostly bragging and protesting when they watch soccer match? You know, like “just shoot it @$$hole”, or “pass moron, your team mate is free on the left” or other rant like that. I think you realized what I’m talking about eh?
Well, if you watch Asian Cup qualification between Indonesia VS Oman last week, which ends with the victory of Oman 2-1 against Indonesia, you’d probably know who is Hendry Mulyadi. Hendry is an average football lover but with extra ordinary enthusiast and extreme fan-boy of Indonesian National team. He thinks that Indonesia soccer team sucks at that game, a thought which most of the fans think when the game played.

Hendry, makin fool of Indonesian Ace player Boaz Salosa

While most of us just bragging, ranting and whining, and can’t do a thing about it since we gave our right and privilege to fight the match to our fellow football athlete, Hendry thinks “f*#k it! If they can’t score a goal to Oman, I score it for them and show them how to play football right”. So Hendry burst into the field and grab the ball and dribble it all the way to Oman’s goal line (which somehow everyone couldn’t stop him, as if he is some sort of holy deity that show us that there is something good from that awful match) and he kick the ball, but he didn’t score. Oman’s goalkeeper Al Habsi shows him why Indonesia couldn’t score a goal at that match; cuz Oman is a better team from Indonesia (he actually stop the shot. Click or copy this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJClOu5MrIA to see how Hendry take matters to his own hand).
To make story short, Hendry is arrested for what he did, though he then released not long after. At first, everyone is blaming him and dubbed him as an idiot fan and other form of insult, but after seeing his enthusiast and his support to Indonesian national team, people than realized that his act is a form of protest, a form of “death defy by will” act. He chose to act cuz he believe that authority can’t do things right, whether it’s the national team or the government it self. He took matters with his own hands, which most of us didn’t have the guts to do or even crossed our mind to do.
This act makes us realized that each of us have the power to do things, to do things right, to change things, to make things better. In this age of information, we have the power and the tool to make things right, at least from our point of view. We have facebook, twitter, SMS or any other tools to say what’s on our mind.
We may gave our right and privilege to our fellow congressman or other form of institution or beaurocracy, but it didn’t mean that we lost our voice, our right to say what’s on our mind, to say something was wrong or right. We have this kind of power, that somehow some government tried to demolish that power, people power. We see what happens when people power strikes, revolution. So I think what Hendry did is a wake up call to every authority that didn’t do their job right, “we chose you, we could replace you if it means that it will make things better”.


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