Ben 10 New Alien Form !!!



Ben                            : Kev, I got something to show you 

Kevin                        : Dude, I’m working here can’t you see? I’m trying to sell level 12 alien tech to B-man here! 

Batman                     : It’s OK man, It seems important. Just let me know if my offering price is right  






Ben                             : OK, you ready Kev? 






Ben                            : It’s Hero time!! 




Everyone                 : Ooh, awesome!!! 

Kevin                         : What the hell are those people doing here anyway? 



Ben        : Four arms refined and up graded! I called it Rulk! Stands for Red Hulk cuz there already being called Hulk with green and gray color!!! 



Kevin                        : The stupid looks on their face sez it all Ben. Not funny or original whatsoever Tennyson.


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