The Blackest Night, Black Indeed

Incase you didn’t know, They are the new power ring bearer, from left to right; The Atom, The Flash, Mera, Lex Luthor, Scare Crow,Hal Jordan and Wonder Woman (with the new “sexy” outfit)

Well, if you’re a comic book fan, chances are you already heard another “event” that DC Comic been bragging about, “The Blackest Night” (TBN to be short). TBN is “another” event in DC universe that supposed to change the DC universe (again? There’s “Final Crisis”, “Identity Crisis” and I don’t know how many crisis left until monetary crisis finally hits DC universe).

OK, Marvel also like this sort of solution to revised the story or change some character behavior (even Marvel also preparing “Siege”, another “event” after the bombastic “Civil War”), but DC is kinda abusing this “event” thing, it’s became like some sort of Deus Ex Machina for them to back in business (just my personal opinion though). From my point of view, DC having a hard time to write a good story for their gazillions character that overwhelming with power, like Superman, Green Lantern or even Wonder Woman.

I’m a Mavel fan because Marvel creates character with flaw and with power that is somehow logical, unlike DC (except for Batman or other vigilante that didn’t have super power) that loves extravagant power like Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. It’s not bad, but honestly it’s making it hard to write a good story. I mean like Superman, he’s so strong that to create an enemy for him requires a strong opponent also which tends to be action oriented rather than deep story. Let’s say Mongul or Darkseid is strong and that’s it, I just want to watch them killing each other, fighting tooth and nail with Supes. The hell with the story (it would be a waste to have character so strong but they didn’t fight right?). Unlike Batman with his vulnerability, which makes him easy, to write, his city tells it’s own story, his enemy each screaming to be told.

Following that train of thought, DC released TBN, which I didn’t give a damn anymore since Bruce Wayne A.K.A. the real Batman is dead at the moment. What ‘s intriguing me is how DC decided to change some character (major one to be mentioned) to make the story more compelling, according to them. Just like the picture above, DC decided to make major character such as The Flash (Barry Allen), Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), even Lex Luthor as the power ring bearer.

Why this is madness according to me, well cuz Wonder Woman as one of the big three in DC universe (along with Superman and the deceased Batman), the holy trinity is become a ring bearer. What’s wrong with it? I mean Wonder Woman is strong; she should’ve become her own self rather than became one of Star Sapphire lantern corps. She should be her own character rather than supporting to make this stupid story works! Maybe the loss of Batman makes DC universe crumbling into unstable status huh?

I know Diana as Wonder Woman is somewhere along the way is replaced by Donna Troy, just like Barry Allen is being replaced by the current Flash (Bart Allen if I’m not mistaken), but Diana is a major character for God sake. In this story Diana is possessed by the Dark ring and became the Dark Lantern, before she turn into Sapphire corps later. Hell, even Batman (Bruce Wayne) can refuse and deny the yellow Sinestro ring when he was offered the chance to become the yellow lantern, why can’t Diana? It’s like lowering a Goddess into a street hooker if you ask me! (Even Diana new outfit kinda bitchy, though I don’t mind to see her that sexy he he). Oh, and Diana story is just a tie-in for TBN, not in the real story arc for TBN, which makes clear that Diana is “just a supporting” role (kinda a let down if you are her fan).

Diana used to be a sexy goddess, not that slut in the violet costume (though I Didn’t mind at all he he he)

The only good thing of this story arc is how when Diana tried to defy the black ring, he gets “help” from figment of her mind in the form of “Batman” (Bruce Wayne him self). He appeared and makes Diana strong enough to fight the black ring and attract the sapphire-violet ring that powered by love (so Diana had or have a crush on Bruce? WOW! Didn’t see it coming in this arc).

Bats to the rescue

I hope this story become canonical; I’d like to see who is Bruce chooses, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman or others. It’s good to have the looks, the car, the money and the girls huh Bruce?

So far, TBN is looking kinda gloomy, kinda black (without pun intended to racial jokes here). Well, at the very least TBN left me with some hope that Diana and Bruce will make a good couple in the future (finger crossed here). Oh, and scare crow and Luthor will have “power” so they didn’t lame and could stand ground to their opponent huh? Just like Barry Allen said here, I hope all will be well.


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