Watch The Sky

I will fight – you live the life you’re given with the storm outside
Someday all I do is watch the sky

“Watch The Sky” by Something Corporate

This week I was had a very miserable fever (somewhere in between of typhus or dengue fever). I can’t go to work for 2 days. All I do is just sleeping, or at least trying to, and hope my immunity system will heal myself, along with some supplement and vitamin. Since all I can do is just sleeping, somehow I just realize how good it is to watch the sky.
Yes, watch the sky. Watching the clouds or how sunshine came through those cloudy sky. And somehow I also remember helix nebula, you know the famous “eye of God” that was discovered sometimes ago. A phenomenon in the outer space that resembles eye shape light. Here the picture of helix nebula :

Eye in the sky, as if God’s watchful eyes watching us all the time

What helix nebula have to do with watch the sky? Well in my recent disease that makes me unable to do anything but watch the sky, and takes picture of it, I found my very own helix nebula, something like this :


Well, not as beautiful as the real one, but is beautiful nonetheless and it makes me realize how beautiful life is. Maybe because I live my life like a robot, woke up early-go to work-works-go home-sleeping, repeats every weekdays and went to hibernation every weekend, I have no time for “me time” so when I got sick and rested, I just realize many beautiful things around me that goes unnoticed, such as watch the sky.
Just like Batman that hates Metropolis, not just cuz there’s Supermen there but rather the light and positivity that emitted from that town, unlike the dark and gloomy Gotham, I hate the small things, the silly things that makes life more enjoyable. I’m to jaded to be thankful, or to be exact life, or my life, makes me a robot, so when I just step back, relax and inhale, I just realize many beautiful things. Just like Batman said, “sometimes it’s OK too look at the sky and be hopeful”.

Kinda like a big bang right? Like some explosive or sumthin

Kinda looks like the world about to end or sumthin, beautiful nonetheless


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