Batman vs Superman : Movie Realization

Clash of the titans? I don’t think it’s fair to compare a super powered alien with mortal, but that what DC has to offer

Let it be known first that I’m a Marvel guy, not a DC guy, but it’s always intrigued me how DC set the trinity, the big three of their comic, Superman-Batman-Wonder Woman as an equal. I mean Superman and Wonder Woman is an even match, both are out of this world creature with super power, but Batman? He is a normal guy with highly exceptional skill and will. But yes, Batman is one of the most influential characters, not to mention cool character in comic industry. I think B-man is one of DC trinity just because of that fact.

Leave Wonder Woman aside, not to because the gender or anything, just the fact that Wonder Woman is nowhere to be found at the moment, the battle for supremacy is between B-Man and Sissy-man at the moment. What makes the battle of two character interested is because they are opposite of each other, B-Man born out of hatred and rage (with his parents killed on the street, he swear that no one shall feel his sorrow ever again and to bring justice to those who “deserved” it, B-Man become boogeyman, a ghost to punish criminal and all the other variant) while Sissy-man born out of love and families value and justice (with an upbringing of warm family and super power, Sissy-man chose to become superhero). Modus Operandi speaks, B-Man chose the hard way, violent way, just the way we like it. He brings justice along with punishment with attitude that brings fear to people while Sissy-man is set an ideal example for everyone, an ideal Super Hero. Just put it this way, B-Man is creature of the dark while Sissy-man is live in the light (where sugar and spice and everything nice).

Another different is, B-Man is the true character while Bruce Wayne is the mask he put to fool everyone, while Sissy-man is the mask the true character, Clark Kent wear to fool everyone. Psychologically speaking, B-Man hands down is more twisted character (one of the most influential and richest character whose hobbies includes sprawling out at night beat the hell of criminal with wearing underpants on the outer side) than Sissy-man (just an alien with the knack to using red underwear, also on the outer side). Well, ‘nough said, let the battle begin!

Round 1 : Director

Nolan and Singer, both is awesome director
B-Man movie is directed by Christopher Nolan, the guy who bring us the cult hit “Memento” while Sissy-man director is Bryan Singer, the dude who also bring us another cult hit “The Usual Suspect”. The promise of dark, heavy and great plot (the directors known for) with promising end result, makes the first round is a draw.

Draw? Well B-Man using Kryptonite ring, so it’s possible to have a draw

Round 2 : Cast

Here’s where the different start approaching. We knew that B-Man and Sissy-man are strong, deep and influential character, it’s logical to choose actor that have the capability to bring the character to life. But this is where the direction went wrong.

B-Man chose Christian Bale, an actor known for it’s reputation as an serious actor with port folio of intriguing character in his film (a skinny insomniac guy in “The Machinist”, a soldier in “Reign of Fire”, action hero in “Equilibrium”, etc) not to mention that he also charming and have the playboy aura of Bruce Wayne, a perfect match for Bruce Wayne-B-Man character. One cool thing is, Bale once tried to become Robin in Batman and Robin but loose to Chris O’Donel.

Kinda match if you ask me

Also the B-Man costume is tweaked in the movie to make it more realistic. Cool! Not to mention the costume is awesome, I’d like to have one for costume party.

Well, the comic version still cooler, but it’s an faithful adaptation

While Sissy-man try different approach with using an unknown actor (just like when Christopher Reeves became legend after became Sissy-man in old movie) to portray the man of steel, a pretty boy called Brandon Routh. Not only this makes almost everyone furious, it’s also the recipe of failure (which it did, I think Brandon would be out of the picture from now on)

See the different? Left is a tough guy and right is a boyband

This round ends with the victory of the Boogeyman B-Man

B-Man deliver right hook to Sissy face “WHAM”

Round 3 : Counterpart

What is a great super hero without a great enemy? B-Man has the advantage of having, arguably, coolest line of bad-guys (and girls). B-Man enemies are as twisted as he is. They all crazy, but the craziness is what makes them interesting. R’as Al Ghul, Catwoman, Clayface are many example of B-Man greatest adversary. Joker is hailed by many people as the greatest villain of all time, a worthy enemy and opposite polar of the Dark Knight himself. Even Supergirl is afraid of the Joker. In the movie, Joker is portrayed by Heath Ledger and tweaked to become more “normal” twisted guy than comic version, still awesome though

Awesome version both of them, Heath almost nails him right

While Sissy-man super power makes it hard to create counterpart for him. Sissy-man enemy have to be larger than life, a sun-eater or just plain powerful (and that’s all we need to know, hell with the character development), but the strange thing is, Sissy-man most notable and influential enemy is a mortal known as Lex Luthor, portrayed by one of my favorite actor ever, Kevin Spacey.

Well, promising but somehow the final result is dull

Results? While in realization Joker beats the crap out of Lex Luthor, but Kevin Spacey is more intriguing than Heath, so Sissy-man caught the B-Man by surprise. Sissy-man gets the upper hand by slightest chance here.

Caught by surprise, B-Man has to be more aware and careful

Round 4 : Further Development

Well further development, we know that it’s harder to maintain success rather than achieve it, and that’s how B-Man dilemma is. “The Dark Knight” is considered as an achievement in both artistic and commercial success. It’s hard to topple that thing (even some people considered this movie as the best super hero movie of all time). And honestly, after Joker is out, who could be the next great archenemy of the Bats? While Sissy-man is heading for a reboot (B-man already have been rebooted with Batman Begin). So Sissy-man has the upper hand here.

Since reboot have a fat chance on B-Man, rumor has it that the next B-Man movie will have the riddler as the enemy, and Johnny Depp as Edward Nigma, the riddler. I don’t think this could be good, I mean even if they tried to make Riddler as an cool villain, the only thing that crossed my mind is Jack the ripper or Zodiac killer type guy who challenge Bats detective skill (still a cool movie but still no match for The Dark Knight extravaganza). But then again, B-Man has it easy, he got it made, the city write it self, every corner, every character screams to be told. There still a chance here.

Even Johnny Depp is cooler that Edward ever be, I wonder if this could works.

Sissy-man on the other hand, with all the hardship the story bear, has a high hope as the reboot is still on the horizon, even rumor that said that Taylor Swift (the country Grammy singer girl) is a candidate for Supergirl. I know most people screams, “HELL NOOOO” but I like the idea, Supergirl a.k.a Kara Zor-El is an anomaly. She has the innocence, the fragile side of girl (if she is memo, she is memo to the max), Taylor Swift could nails it right, here’s the proof :

See the resemblance, even if Taylor swift is rebonded, she still could nails Kara right.

See? The resemblance is uncanny, even Taylor is starting a career as actress in Valentines Day

Well, hate to say it, but Sissy-man won this round (SIGH).

OK, I admit that B-man is loose this time, but the rounds not over yet

Final Round : Afterthought

Yep, final round here guys, with all said and done (even if Superman has a brighter future at the moment), B-Man still has the overall upper hand. Why? Because after all the special effect lost it magic, after all the star turns to oblivion, what matter most is the story. And just like what I mention earlier, B-Man has it easy, he got it made, the city write it self, every corner, every character screams to be told. Imagine all the spin-off, Birds of Prey, Nightwing, Sword of Azrael, Streets of Gotham. B-man wins big time, pants down (no porno here since the two psychos wear underwear in the outer side).

Game set and match. B-Man wins big time.


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