Power to the people, really?

The voice of the people is the voice of God
Free translation of “vox populi vox dei”

I got this idea to write this when I’m attending Sholat Jum’at or Friday Prayer (Moslem version of Sundays church, except it’s for Man only, woman not allowed) and the preacher told me about how people consensus became a norm that even outlawed religion. And since we’re hearing preaches from religious side, of course he stated that no man’s law could overcome Gods.

Enough with the religion, but it’s true that the term “vox populi vox dei” or the voice of the people is the voice of God is an arguable topic. I mean, if we agree with it, then it means that everything that is approve by society is always right. So, no more tattoo, no more skateboard, or even masturbation (OK, the latter it’s just some sort hobby of mine he he).

For start, not everything that was approved by society is right. For example, in the old days, everyone when to shaman or any other mystic ritual to cure their sick. For generations it was believed to be the only way to cure people, but you know what? Modern medicine practice comes and replaced them. And it could be applied to any other circumstances such as independent woman, man working as a chef, divorce, anesthesia, and any other thing that once considered to be madness or sacrilege (even eating with fork once considered as madness, who would be dumb enough to put sharp object into our mouth? Well everyone I guess!).

One thing that caught my attention at that Sholat Jum’at is when the preacher told me society doesn’t always know what is right or what is wrong. And that’s when religion(s) really applicable, as a norm to set our life in motion, Gods intended motion harmony. It’s true in some senses, cuz I have a friend that went to college and majoring in mass communication and learn how to influenced and persuade people, many people.

Just like how Hitler manage to sell the supreme race crap to the German people, he use a psychological approach, the deadly and effective one. He round up and gathering troops in condensed room with not enough air and ventilation (in order to make troops exhausted and weak in terms of will power to decipher message) also with a mob psychological where people has the tendency to agree, or easy to be provoked in mob scene. Then he enter the room, “brain-washed” the troops with dogmatic preaches about supreme race crap, of course with the condition like that, those troops even will jump off from tall building if they are told to.

So, there’s an extremely high possibility of misguided norm or abuse of peoples will by some “fraction” that gain something from it. History told us about how many woman are become victim of witch hunting in Salem City (they are drowned to death cuz people believe that a witch didn’t die from drowned. Stupid, eh? Of course all of the woman are drowned to death), or in Indonesia when PKI or Partai Komunis Indonesia (Indonesia Communist Party) was banned after 1965 and lots of people was murdered, tortured, butchered cuz they are associated with PKI (even without valid proof if they are PKI member).

Maybe that’s why the concept of government, monarchy or parliamentary, was built, to save people from it self. But just like anything in life, there are always pros and cons, such as the tagline in the movie Watchmen “who watch the watchmen?” Government, as crystallization of people’s will also have the tendency to abuse its power, just like Batman and Lex Luthor said (it’s weird that the two of them have same opinion for the man of steel), “Power has tendency to corrupt and who is more powerful than Superman?”

Another thing that bugging me about people power is the undeniable fact that if vox populi vox dei is true (with conclusion that people by their authority is, well authority) then whose left to be governed? Concept of government or monarchy or even “primus interpares” a.k.a. the chosen one is been with us in the first place it’s cuz it’s logic, the few govern the many, not the vice versa.

Somehow what the preacher told me that religion, as a manifestation of God’s word and law as the only thing that can be count on in this sick and dying word is starting to make sense, even for this atheist guy. But then again, as a man who always questioning anything, religion also a twisted issue. I mean religion fist passed away from generation to generation by word of mouth before the bible came. Have you ever try a game called “pass the message” where group of people line up and the first person whisper a message to the person next to him, and the person who received the message whisper that same message to the other person and repeat it till reach the last person and you know what? At the last person the message, the very same message somehow twisted, whether being add or cut in some part from the original message. And that’s what I believe about religion these days, we got the second hand God words.

So, what is left to believe then? Well, if you study law, there is a saying “das solen das sein” or what’s the ideal and what’s the realization, which tells us that we, the people or even God in some ways already decided or made a norm system of wrong and right, true or false (that suits us or in God’s case what suit the religious leader ^_^) but somehow along the way or it’s just the way it is, the system we built never complied faithfully. Or another point of view regarding that saying, no matter what system we chose to, if the people were “broken” or not willing to comply with the system, it would suck, that’s all. I guess what we all could do is chose the system we believe the best that suit us, while people power at the moment I, personally, think out of the equation cuz not logical, and stick to the old saying, “say what you believe, believe in what you say” and stick with it.


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