The Beat Rock Fest

On 18th of February 2010, The Beat magazine was organizing “The Beat Rock Fest” at Hard Rock Café Jakarta. The show was scheduled to start at 21:30 but just like everything in Indonesia, expect some delay, and the show started at 10:00 or 10:30 something. And just so you know, the FDC is Rp. 75.000, – (not cheap for middle of the month where usually everyone had lost it money due to, well paying bills?) and the show held at Thursday (why not Friday?) so not everyone could come to the show. Nonetheless, since it is Hard Rock café, the usual customer, expatriate or foreigner still come often and some of hard core fan still come though, it’s kinda cool cuz it’s feel like playing a gig on non-targeted audience.
The show start with Nymphea, a band from Bali. They kick-start the show with great performance. This is the first time I watched them live, I heard their single video clip called “Malaikatmu” but I’m not to “crazed” by them, but boy how wrong am I? They are good!!

One of Nymphea performance

The vocalist, Sari, is a good front man (or woman in this case). She have the charismatic aura and quite good-looking. Unfortunately, the audience still warming up, and just like I mention before, non-targeted audience, Nymphea start the show really well. And about how they sounds like, well all I could say is Rock music with enigmatic and kinda epic atmosphere (almost gothic feel but with straight forward sounds, hey who am I to judge anyway?)

I was sod when they showcased their song “Di Suatu Ketika” (If I’m not mistaken, I didn’t know all their song anyway, but that one kickin’ ass HARD)

Next performance is The Authentic, a Ska band (which rare these days since the so-called trend is been out-dated in the 90’s) complete with brass section (trombone, saxophone and trumpet), no wonder they called themselves The Authentic. Again, this is the first time I know them, even never heard their song before, but they are great (if this still where the genre still reign, they be one of the famous band).

A complete, big and authentic band indeed

They played well, complete with pogo dance from the band, it’s like back to the 90’s all over again, but the audience still warming up. The Authentic also plays cover version of The Beatles “Till There Was You” also Jamiroquai’s “I’m in the Mood for Love”. Very entertaining band but then again they still sounds like any other Ska band out there (sorry, but that’s what I feel, then again personal opinion here).

The Bass player kinda cool, he looks like James Dean mixed with Green Day

The next performance is the reason why I came, Amazing in Bed. This post punk band always delivered great live performance, and this how also includes. With foreigner vocalist, Australian girl named Lani, you think that the crowd would be roared? Unfortunately not, this non-targeted audience is hard to pleased that’s for sure.

They always sounds right, but this time the vocal microphone kinda out of tuned since Lani’s vocal kinda drowned by other instrument, still awesome performance

This time Amazing in Bed playing another new song from their up-coming second album beside “Hancur dan Berserak” called “Terkungkung Fiksi” (If I’m not misheard it). With new song such as I mention earlier and another new song such as “Don’t Ask”, “Only You” and maybe if they also including Koil (a legendary Indonesia band) cover version of “Lagu Hujan” (available free to download in the net by the way) I could smell my personal favorite album for 2010 here.

Some say that Lani is not a good replacement for Vina (the previous vocalist). Well they are different in style (Vina more raw and rockin while Lani more rockabilly and “cute” almost to cute for Rock music), but me personally, I prefer Lani, not cuz the physical appearance but the fact that Amazing in Bed sounds different and more varied in the term of so-called genre

Well, the next performer is another Band from Bali called Navicula and somehow the crowd is really loves this band. Their performance is the pinnacle of the show with almost everyone enjoyed and sang their song.

Well, their outfit tells how rockin they are

For those who didn’t know, they sound like Grunge and so-called rap metal or Nu-metal mixed together (Rage Against The Machine to be exact). Also their lyrics are really, well different somehow. With lyrics such as Jakarta city of thousands motorcycles, love or pollution, I admit they are good.

Awesome performance

The last performance is Tika & The Dissident, I admit I’m kinda amazed how come they become the last performance since Tika (before join or formed Tika & The Dissident) known as so-called trip-hop musician (an awesome one I must add). Tika & The Dissident it self also sounds so experimental (gothic, trip-hop and a bit jazz) I wondering how come they was placed as the last performance.

You’d be spooked by them, in a good way though

Well, cuz the fest held at Thursday, Well when Navicula still performs it’s already Friday (passed 00:00 anyway) most of the audience already went home (and most of the audience are fans of Navicula), Tika;s awesome performance is watched by small audience (what’s left of them). Well, I also don’t watch them till finished (it’s already late and when I’m looking for a transport, it’s 01:30 in the morning.
Bottomline, wasted Rp 75.000, -, lack of sleep, have to work early in the morning but it’s worth every penny, also dime and effort I wasted. Nice show.


3 thoughts on “The Beat Rock Fest

  1. Hi that’s a good review of that show. Yes it went too late and Tika should have been on earlier but ohh well, you live and learn. Are you still doing this blog? Stuart Beat

    • Thanks he he. Really made my day. Still active on the blog. Just having hard time to write since daily job and family became my main concern he he

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