End of an era

Sorry We're closed

Well, I’m kinda sad cuz this is where I first write a blog. Honestly, this didn’t surprised me since I think there’s something wrong when my blog called “Crazy” still on the hot blog recommendation (though I post it almost at first quarter of 2009), probably the administrator is out for something huh?

Another curious conspiracy is the fading brand image of MTV, they were once a pioneer and leader of music, lifestyle and information regarding what’s hip or not. But since internet took the world by storm, most conservative media is “shaken” and that also including MTV (a fierce competition with Channel V also bring some barrage to them) or maybe blog ain’t hip since Twitter eh?

Well, this kinda makes me sad since most of my previous blog is a serious essay (I even got some reader that give nice input for it). Well, now I was considering to re-post my previous blog (the one that I consider ass achievement for me that is).

Hope that my used stuff is good enough for those who give a damn about this blog.


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