As seen on what?

Lamest tag line in the history of ever

So, I bumped into this so called commercial tag-line in one of those premium high class stationery store. Why it’s weird? Well, since the product that showed by this tag-line is a imported pen (approximately price range between Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 50.000, quite cheap for an imported pen btw, cuz Mont Blanc pen could  be priced Rp. 1.000.000), I wonder, “Did my TV, a national TV showing this kinda $hit?”, I mean, a pen that’s expensive? On TV? Wow, maybe I don’t watch TV lately or maybe I’m just broke so the price didn’t make sense.

I mean, this is kinda like when my friend tried to con me when France defeat Brazil 2-0 in 1998 World cup final (he said that he saw Brazil won 1-0, yeah dude, what TV did you watch, video game channel?). And to make it worse “As seen on TV” is the lamest line I ever heard. What’s so special if something on TV these days? Everyone can (well, maybe in Criminal Channel or something notorious such as make a stupid out of yourself in reality show, etc).

Well, why didn’t every product put this  line in every product and every media they chose to advertise, “As heard on Radio”, “As read in the magazine or papers”, or maybe “As your neighbors have”? Stupid huh? Please for the love of the effing God, don’t use this anymore I beg of you


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