Human Trafficking?

So, last week I stumble upon a “strange” commercial (strange by my own definition that is). It looks just like some innocent photo of girls and a baby, but somehow my disconnected and screwed brain told me that this is human trafficking in masqueraded. OK, it’s just a commercial of some photo studio, but look at the picture I post :

Look at the beautiful girl here, innocent? But look at where they put the “15% Discount”, on the V-spot!!! WTF is this?

I’m sick & twisted, here’s more of it, in more detailed zoomed picture :

See? 15% Discount on intercourse? Wow, if it’s affordable I’m willing to wasted my money on girls like that

OK, I almost sold on the spot till I see this one :

Cute baby for 15% discount? What a way to turn off customer here guys.

OK, maybe I’m sick and twisted. But seriously, those commercial really something ^_^


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