Supermarket nightmare

So, I went to supermarket recently and my mind is playing tricks on me, again. I felt like I’m in “Alice in Wonderland” (more like malice in wonderland if you ask me) where everything comes to life and annoying me. Example, like liquor sections that begging me to be bought and drank, or snack section that keeps crying to be bought.

Somehow I ended up on the meat section, fish to be exact and it’s the worst part of my dream where everything singing and dancing (fish is the worst cuz they are still intact, as a meat, the fish is still intact somehow.

And it’s just keeps better (in a awful way), I saw the next fish doing a duo performance and sang “Come what may” from Moulin Rouge soundtrack, it’s stunning (they sounds just like Pavarotti and Sarah Brightman).
"Come what may, come what may... I will love you ... until my dying daaaaaaay" (God it's scary)

Is it over? No my friend, actually that’s a vocal group of fish sang, “I want it that way” from that god forsaken awful Backstreet boys.

After beating myself and regain consciousness, I ran out from the dreadful supermarket and try to look one more time for some sort of insanity exhale or some logical explanation why I went into malice in wonderland then suddenly…I didn’t regain consciousness cuz this is what I saw :

Funny how U could bought almost everything in the supermarket, including a child that just feels OK to be placed on a trolley (they even lost the will to survive and live to the point that they won’t even running away when they had the chance)

Hell,Supermarket is some place where we could see consumerism in its glorious state anyway, maybe that’s why I went into malice in wonderland (or I just saw that movie and felt let down by it)


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