Where beginning starts and the ending finished

The end is the beginning is the end

Smashing Pumpkins

This week was madness in HRD term. It’s all about recruiting people, over and over again. The turn over was ecstatic and the loads are beyond any reasonable doubt (OK, waaay exaggeration there but U get the idea). Thus it makes me have to crawl to the “vault”. What is the “vault”? Well, it’s my own personal nickname for a corner of my office when all the application is being filed.

I never really likes to go the vault cuz there something wrong the air in that corner (well, knowing lot’s of application from all Indonesia filed there and sometimes old files still there it’s a no brainer that the air kinda foul there). When I think about it again, it’s because somehow I realize that the vault is some kinda boulevard of broken dreams (thought it’s a corner to be exact). Honestly, if U goes there you’ll realize that this is the place where the beginning starts and the ending finished (literally).

This where a dream starts, also finished at the same time

Seeing the mountain of application there, I know I was playing God at the time. This FRAGILE HANDS OF MINE will decide who’s to grant a chance to a job interview. My hands will be a starting point, also a finished line to dreams of, I don’t know dozen or gazillion job seeker. I know how hard it is to get a job at this moment. My qualification for the vacant position at the time is S1 degree, minimum 2.75 GPA, with salary at minimum wage for S1 degree and age under 26 also lives around Jakarta and also good looking ^_^ (which is hard to find at the moment and the good looking part ain’t a joke I swear. Some big guy wants their staff to be good looking) in other word, I have to find a good looking people who is smart but also dumb enough to get paid with minimum wage.

I have to eliminate dozen or gazillion files when I’m doing paper screening for some reason, fugly (freakin ugly if U didn’t know), too old, not smart enough or even live to far from office. Well the story didn’t finished there for some people. After some process like interview or ability/aptitude test, I also have to put those who are failed in what I called “hall of the fallen ones” (hall of the fallen warriors to be exact since there are soooo many who have failed before and after). OK, it’s just under my work table but it’s a cool knowing I work and sometimes rest my feet on others broken dreams ^_^.

After they are through with this hall, the next one is paper shredder, burned or to be recycled

I have this guilt feeling to condemn some people for their “handicap” but then again, it’s like what mob bosses always says, ”no hard feeling mate, nuthin personal, just business like usual”. Thus some dream starts to begin while he other have to be finished on the boulevard of broken dreams known as the vault, also through the hall of fallen ones.


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