Verdamit Auslander (Damn Foreigner)

One day, a snobbish kid, lets call him Jamie, who just recently graduated from english learning course, level Advanced curious how good his english really is. So he went into a mall try to found some bloody english / foreigner people who he likes to talk to. So he intentionally bumped himself into the bloody english foreigner (BRUG!!!)

Jamie is the snobbish child, while the foreigner is The John Travolta

Jamie : Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to (yeah sure U didn’t @$$hole)
Foreigner : It’s all right mate, I’m sorry to (trying to be polite here)

(Jamie thinks in his mind, “I’m sorry two? I didn’t know this $hit was countable adjective or sort?)

Jamie : Well, I’m sorry three sir. I really do.
Foreigner : Huh? What R U Sorry for?

(Jamie is astounded by it, “I’m sorry four? $hit, what the hell am I suppose to say now? Damn, OK, if I’m not finished this it will last like, forever)

Jamie : OK, sir, I already tried to be polite, I’m sorry five and that’s it. Finished (while walking away from the foreigner)

Foreigner : Huh? Is that guy think we are bargain or sumthin?

(Jamie and the foreigner think to themselves, “Verdamit Auslander! What were they thinkin’ anyway)


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