Best Fighting Game of All Time Part II, History and Finale

You already saw the previous part, now the sequel, the finale and some history lesson. Maybe some of you will be surprised by the list but hey, it’s my list, and I can do pretty much everything a I want bout it (you could shit your pant in public and I still didn’t even give a smallest damn about it he he). Let’s cut the delay, here we go :

5. King of Fighter / Fatal Fury (Nintendo, SEGA, Playstation, X Box, and every console there is)

2D fighting game at it finest. Deep and thinking-man SNK style game. Awesome character design and awesome soundtrack, wide selection of character. Simply put, one of the best 2D fighting game, PERIOD.

Fatal Fury SNK first fighting installment sets the bar of modern fighting game before the release of Street Fighter II, even Fatal Fury had a multi layer or platform, a ring out and thinking-man gameplay that suits for hard-core gamer to suck their teeth into. No other series in SNK could topple this, not even ART OF FIGHTING or World Heroes could dethrone the first King of Fighter. (I’ll soon tell you why I called this series “King of Fighter”).

Fatal Fury Series, peaked with it’s final installment Mark of The Wolves, before SNK bankrupted, is the crème de la crème of fighting game. Awesome! A MUST PLAY

After long year fight for supremacy with CAPCOM (and it’s Street Fighter series), SNK takes an avant garde approach, a series that start an “all-star phenomenon”, The King of Fighter series. This series mashed up Fatal Fury, ART OF FIGHTING, and other game, even non fighting game (Athena from Athena series, or Ikari Warior, Heidern, Ralf, Leona, etc from Ikari Warior, a Contra-style adventure game, etc). Also, this game bring nationality or chauvinism to the next level. SNK defy gravity and history by replacing Terry Bogard, the true, the first King of Fighter and replaced it with a whiny, snobbish, stupid, gay Japanese named Kyo Kusanagi (I tell it more when the history part came in).

In 2001, SNK announced their demise, bankruptcy. I cried like a 2 dollar whore begging to get f*cked at the time, but worry not my friend. SNK was bought by a Korean company (who I didn’t give a damn what their name is) thus SNK reborn as SNK Playmore (hurray!!!!!!). The only notable different between the old and new SNK? Well, SNK tried the 3D and Korean team (Kim Kaphwan and the gang get’s an up-graded or major over haul in the movement ^^). Still I think it’s a tie between Fatal Fury and King of Fighter series.

Ah, the notorious 3D, decent foray but ain’t the level the 2D sets the bar with
SNK return with a vengeance, with new name and new owner SNK Playmore. King of Fighter series is back whether it’s 3D or 2D (2D still the best)

So, why didn’t it grade higher than it’s supposed to? Well, it’s the question of originality my friend, here some history lessons :

Before Street Fighter released (especially Street Fighter II), fighting game is a dull game enjoyed by numb skull and retarded (remember Karate from MS DOS?), then without a warning, at 1990, Japanese game developer called CAPCOM (named after it’s early game Captain Commando, a classic beat ‘em up, even the Captain Commando himself gain enough popularity to be included in Marvel VS CAPCOM series) released Street Fighter, a 2D fighting game that allow you to chose between Ryu (player 1) or Ken (Player 2), this choices somehow managed to pull both east (those who likes Ryu) and west (those who likes Ken) and creating a game that approachable by eastern and western, though east prefer it most, even by CAPCOM himself.

This game create a ripple in history of gaming and created countless of copy cat and wannabe and the earliest is SNK (stands for Shin Nihon Kikaku Incorporation or New Japan product inc if I’m not mistaken), SNK takes different approach, at 1991, they preferred western and create a fighting game called Fatal Fury (or Garou series in Japan), a 2D fighting game with it’s western main character called Terry Bogard (my favorite character, even out-beat Ryu Hoshi from Street Fighter).

Beginning of an era, noted that the cap written King of Fighter, but due to nationality issue, the writes replaced by Fatal Fury. Terry is the first King of Fighter before replaced by Kyo Kusanagi, a bimbo highschool just cuz Terry ain’t Japanese. Stupid SNK)

This game also upgrading what Street Fighter had to offer. If in Street Fighter you only had 2 choices, Ryu or Ken, in Fatal Fury you have 3 choices, be Terry Bogard, his idiotic brother Andy Bogard and one of my personal favorite, the Muay Thai boxer Joe Higashi, even after you beat the game, there’s a code that enable you to play as the bosses, oh and Fatal Fury graphic is better than Street Fighter. Fatal Fury gave Street Fighter a run for it’s money so CAPCOM released Street Fighter II in 1991 (shortly after Fatal Fury released).

Street Fighter II provides gamer with the ability to choice a wide selection from character, not only Ryu and Ken but also the bosses and enemy (they copied it from Fatal Fury, but without have to beat the game). This is a milestone in gaming history, a giant step for mankind in fighting game. But again, SNK modified this formula and CAPCOM fightback again, and so on, and so on, until the battle become ruthless and CAPCOM felt offended by SNK game called ART OF FIGHTING, CAPCOM felt that SNK copied their Ken Master (from Street Fighter) character when they design Ryo Sakazaki (a more eastern preferred approach by SNK to broaden it’s market and gain popularity in Japan).

See? The resemblance between them is uncanny. Incase you didn’t know, left is Ken right is Ryo

Of course CAPCOM fights back with a crazier idea, they created a character so stupid, so outrageous (it even wear a pink costume) to mocked Ryo and Robert at the same time, it became favorite and comic relief by corrupting one of ART OF FIGHTING main character Robert Garcia, thus Dan Hibiki was born.

Not look a like eh? Except the pony tail. But watch the later explanation

Here’s another proof how serious CAPCOM to mock SNK, specifically Ryo and Robert :

CAPCOM thought that Ryo’s Kyokugenryu style is lame so they decided to show SNK how lame it can be

That’s why, although I prefer SNK than CAPCOM, Fatal Fury and King of Fighter always stands below the shadow of CAPCOM Street Fighter (if only they came first, SIGH).

Nice fan service, still didn't hit the spot like the original game though

Well, they try to reconcile and create a fan service game called CAPCOM VS SNK (CAPCOM version) or SNK VS CAPCOM (SNK version). Both are decent game but still can’t topple the original game.

4. Soul Edge / Soul Calibur (Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Dreamcast, Gamecube, X Box, X Box 360)

In 1997, this nerd dude thinks to him self “after Star Gladiator (CAPCOM first foray into 3D fighting game, it even a weapon based game which is kinda cool but an obvious Star Wars rip-off), can the graphic be any beter? After Tekken 2, could CG be any grander?” Then Namco slap me in the face with Soul Edge (Soul Blade in USA). With it’s awesome graphic and even more awesome (awesomer?) CG opening in Soul Edge is so awesome I wet my pants every time I saw it, even now!

Fast gameplay, balance and depth, and better with every sequel make this series shines

Soul Edge / Soul Blade or Soul Calibur series is considered to be the best 3D weapon based game and somehow I can’t argue with it. Sure the depth, 8-way movement game and fast tempo, beautiful graphic and awesome FMV helps, but the balance and mechanic make the game shines. Look at other 3D weapon based, they offer much the same of Soul Calibur offer but somehow broken mechanic reduce the fun factor

one of the early 3D weapon based combat game, Battle Arena Toshinden, my personal favorite, never gets the fame it should (whose to blame but TAKARA, the game dev it self, after Toshinden 3 the series is free falling to the pit of oblivion

Soul series also known for it’s fan service (besides the beautiful girls), Soul series re-define the term exclusive with the exclusive character for each platform the soul series appear. When Soul Calibur 2 released, Playstation gets Heihachi Mishima from Tekken series (LAME!!!!), Nintendo’s Game Cube gets Link from Zelda series (awesome charater that plays like mashed up between Mitsurugi and Hwang), the coolest is X Box that gets Spawn (Al-Simone him self). When non X Box gamer complained, Namco said X Box gets Spawn cuz X Box is American and Spawn is American (WTF!!!!). West 1 – 0 East.

Kinda makes me want to bought X Box at the time

Well, at least Soul Calibur 4 released, Namco decided Playstation 3 gets Darth Vader (cuz PS3 is black) and X Box 360 gets Yoda (cuz X Box is white), both from Star Wars series, ha!!! West 1 – 1 East. In the PSP platform, Playstation gamer gets Kratos from God of War series (one of the best adventure / beat ‘em up game ever), ha again!!!! West 1 – 2 East. In yo’ face Verdamit Auslander ha ha ha. Bottom-line, out-beat Tekken, it’s Namco’s own baby boy.

Ha! In yo' face American, Japan get Vader ha ha ha

3. Yu Yu Hakusho 2 (SEGA Megadrive – Japan or SEGA Genesis – USA)

Buy SEGA Megadrive just for this, you owe it to yourself to play this AWESOME (with capital A) game

Another game that most of you didn’t know it’s existed. Cuz it Japanese, Yu Yu Hakusho falls behind the shadow of Dragon Ball Z at the time it released, and it’s the only game that shines in Yu Yu Hakusho series (even out-beat the Playstation 2 and X Box version), the other Yu Yu series is mediocre at it’s best.

This game support multi-tap (up to 4 player can play at the same time), making it a justification to buy SEGA Megadrive and it’s multi-tap (if you bored with this game, HOWCOME!!! You could play multi-tap for FIFA or WWF game at Megadrive). I still wonder how on earth a game that every player moves list are the same (in special moves execution) but each player moves differently and each character is a blast to play, a big character slow and strong, the small character is fast but nimble, oh so great! This game support multi platform that character can moves in or out to avoid special moves (didn’t understand, I show you wtf I’m talking about) :

See the multi-platform? And it’s graphic was an achievement at the time, slap Super Nintendo or SNES right in the face and @$

Other great thing is, this game is a dream match in Yu Yu Hakusho series, it pitted the Toguro brother saga and the Sensui saga creating the most of Yu Yu Hakusho universe you could droll your saliva in. Best character, well if U ask me, Hiei (with it’s awesome super-moves “Jagan-shi ensatsu kokuryuha” or Mystical eye black dragon that can be controlled, soooooo awesome, though he kinda nimble, he is FAST) and Toguro Ototo (the little brother who actually taller and bigger, slow but an unstoppable juggernaut). Play this game, try the emulator (though it’s hard to find cuz it’s Japanese).

2. Street Fighter (every platform ever existed)

The legendary, the behemoth, the giant leap for fighting game, the one that sets the standard in fighting game, the Street Fighter series. Sure Street Fighter 1 kinda dull, but CAPCOM learned the lessons and create a game that still a masterpiece even in today standard. What can I say about this game? It’s the origin, the first, and that’s said it all. If you never play or even knew this game, either you a retard, someone who just came back after 20 years or more coma, or you live a sheltered life and your God forbid you into electronic apparel or maybe you just a damn ignorance I don’t know, bottom-line you just better of dead or left unborn you sick-stupid @$$hole.

Street Fighter. Started from this small step, fighting game will never be the same ever again

This game is so important that it became the blue print or manual guide or even bible for other fighting game to begin to. Hell of Armageddon come, this is one stuff I gladly hold in my hand when my time come (bible or Qur’an? Never heard of it^_^). Every other fighting game is influenced by it, every other fighting game is a derivative, mutation, modified version of Street Fighter II.

If you could find other fighting game without this formula, I gladly sell my soul to the devil or become a monk and do celibacy and a non-sex lifestyle

1. Virtua Fighter (every SEGA console ever existed, Playstation 2 and 3 also X Box 360)

At first, I thought that this was LEGO, the fighting game due to the blocky graphic

So, what game could dethrone such a marvelous game called Street Fighter? Well surprised surprised my friend, it’s Virtua Fighter series. You probably think, “DAMN his guy probably a total idiot-retarded @$$hole whose high on cheap expird gasoline!”. Well I’m not. I dare to say when Street Fighter revolutionized 2D Fighting Game, Virtua Fighter change the way we see and play fighting game into a 3D universe.

The graphic keeps on improving, the gameplay keeps on better with every series, this is the pinacle of fighting game. The Jack of all trades

Let it be known that I prefer 2D than 3D, but Virtua Fighter is so damn good, sooooo depth even an adult could die sinking on it (it still confusing me how come a 3 button game; punch-kick-guard can be so damn depth and hard to master). It’s realism so realistic (of course it is U idiot) and the Artificial Intelligence making this game the best choice for 1 player or 2 player versus game. The best fisticuf bang that could a fighting gamer wants. If you prefer Tekken, well it’s like a question whether U’re CAPCOM or SNK guy, but hey, Soul series beat the $hit out of Tekken, so screw U fagot shenanigan.


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