Saint Seiya Sucks! What Went Wrong?

So, this week I accidentally saw “Saint Seiya” in one of TV Channel in Indonesia that segmented their Market specifically for kids, an all cartoon channel. This is kinda amazed me cuz I remember that Saint Seiya once are banned from TV due to the parent worries that this series could bring a bad influence to children (of course, this series is rated for teenager not children for “G” sake!!).

For those who are not familiar with Saint Seiya, this TV series, though there also OVA (Original Video Animation) and movie of it, Saint is manga adaptation of the same name written by Masami Kurumada (who also write BT’X and Musashi, both kinda like Saint Seiya, an all fighting adventure genre). The story follows five mystical warriors called the “Saints” (or “Knights”) who fight wearing sacred armors named “Cloths” (who somehow sounds like Crotch cuz Japanese didn’t have word “L” in their vocabulary ^_^), the designs of which derive from the various constellations the characters have adopted as their destined guardian symbols (such as mystical creature like Pegasus or Dragon, also a zodiac sign like Scorpio, etc). These Saints have sworn to defend the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena (who is amazingly a japanese girl ???) in her battle against the other Olympian Gods (also Nordic Gods and other God and so on and so on later as the series continues) who want to dominate earth.

From left to right, Ikki the phoenix (just like the creature, this guy is die hard or hard to die), Ikki’s sister / brother (who knew, this guy / girl sex and sexual orientation is still a mystery) Shun the Andromeda, Seiya the Pegasus, Hyoga the Cygnus and Shiryu the Dragon

So, the series follows Seiya and co fighting everyone who got in their way and achieving more and more weapon / cloth as they progressed. Seiya and co starts with Bronze cloth, they also revered as Bronze Saint (with mystical creature as mentioned before as the sign) fighting Gold Saint (with zodiac sign). The fight is fantastic to the point of defying logic and humanity, I mentioned before that the first series is about Bronze fighting Gold, which clearly we all know who is better and stronger and more expensive, Gold.

The Gold Saint, they can sell the cloth if they needed money, it’s 24 karat gold

Clearly Seiya and co was beaten up real good. They are squashed, smashed and knocked down until they have nothing left but a dead bodies. But this is where the series shines, Seiya and co get up again and with only nothing to lose, launched an attack that somehow beat the bloody hell of their opponent (just one strike!). This formula often (or to be blunt, always) starts with Seiya and co get up mumbling about how they can’t surrender, they can’t lose, they still breathing and other crap and then they shout “Burns my Cosmos” (or Cosmo depends on which country aired it and which subtitle suits better) and launched the attack I mentioned before. For those who didn’t have any idea about “Cosmos”, is some sort inner spiritual crap that almost the same as “Ki” in japan or “Chi” in china that somehow fueled human body and deem them the ability to launch some sort of projectile, or to be easier “Hadou-ken” in Street Fighter or. Maybe “Kame Hame Ha” in Dragon Ball. Sure it’s satisfying see the underdog (which is the viewer can relate to) rise above the adversary and reign supreme. Finally they met Hades and beat him with the same exact formula I mentioned.

I don’t know why, but the series that I adored the most when I was little is sucks!!! Maybe cuz I’m older or jaded but this series sucks, big time! So I’ll try to analyze (sounds like anal and lies, WOW) it and what went wrong with it. How come the series that has the coolest and most bad-ass opening and ending song (click here for the opening opening and here for the ending ending , though the next installment songs is tedious and cliché) sucks so bad I cried like a baby lose his candy for the first time.

My first complain is how the fight, the main menu of the series, is becoming a cliché, just like I mentioned before about the formula of “Burns my Cosmos” is repeated over and over again. I mean this formula is repeated to death, Seiya and co met and face the enemy-beaten to death by the enemy-get up and “Burns my cosmos”-launched an attack-the enemy is beaten, over and over again. SUCKS (with capital S).

Probably the series is endorsed by Cosmos Rice cooker who also known for it’s endurance and durability

Next complain, is how the series progressed, after the Gold saint / Hades chapter. The next installment is also tedious tried and true formula, the same old brand new song. After Hades they fight Poseidon, with the same fight formula, until they finally beat Zeus himself, along with the same formula. They also fight Nordic God such as Odin and the gang, again with same formula. Probably they next will fight Budha, Shiva, Jesus, Jehovah and Allah till there’s no more God in this already God-forsaken world.

The last and my biggest complain is how the series keeps pushed to be produced despite the drop in rating and popularity of the series itself. I mean I know a good story should ended WHERE IT HAVE TO. Look at Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, they all know how to end the story despite all the cries, begging, ranting of all the fans (Well, Evangalion somehow makes a remix or alternate story of it, but still didn’t tainted the original plot and stands alone as a new series). Saint Seiya should ends after Hades chapter cuz I think there is where most viewer had enough and satisfied with the conclusion (just like Dragon Ball should ended when Freeza is defeated), but Saint Seiya goes on and on till where the point no more story left they decided to go with prequel formula, Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas, with different animator and licensed franchise. A story that keeps on and on for no reason but profit oriented rather than for the love of art is doomed to be failed and sucks. GOD, if U’re out there, please don’t turn One Piece into this category.

Different animator, and still the same old brand new song (though they are pretty boys now). Sounds (and looks) capitalist and profit oriented enough for me.
To sum it all why Saint Seiya Sucks, tedious, profit oriented, predictable and boring. I still wonder why there’s still a lot of people likes it. Guess there’s more people who is dumber or more hard headed than me I guess. How much a guy can take huh? Even after watching too much porn a guy can turn frigid U know, I don’t need crap like this to bore me to death to know!!


27 thoughts on “Saint Seiya Sucks! What Went Wrong?

  1. you suck, I could name many bad things about shows I love but they won’t make me not like then anymore, it just shows how epic it was, it is and forever will be.

    I grew up with Saint Seiya in Brazil and my generation grew up with it!!! one could even say it’s part of our tradition!!!!!!!!! I will forever love this show no matter how good or bad it is!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, I have opinion U have yours. But thanks for caring dude.

      I guess I’m just too old to appreciate it the way I used to ^_^.

      Seriously, I love Saint Seiya, but only till Hades chapter

  2. To be fair, Lost Canvas has its meaning. If you actually followed the main series, they refer to ‘the era of the myths’ more than once… Which is what the prequel is about. And i bet you missed the important part of it: haven’t you noticed that most of the characters Lost Canvas focuses on look like the original ones? That’s not a coincidence (or a way to make new the same old song… Not entirely, at least), all the characters from the main storyline are actually reincarnations (kind of) the Lost Canvas characters. Just an example… Shura in the main storyline wields Excalibur as his signature move, saying that it’s “the blessed blade that Athena gave to his most faithful saint”… Guess what? El Cid in Lost Canvas is the one that obtained that sword (and put a lot of effort into it, which caused his death… But you know that, right? I expect to you know what you’re ranting about 😉 ). The same goes for every other character, most notably: Seiya/Tenma (duh.), Shaka/Asmita, Milo/Cardia and Camus/Dégel… It’s a way to add more traits to characters without making ruining the continuity (just look at what Episode G is… Now, THAT is messed up). Most Gold Saints didn’t have a real background story in the main series, Lost Canvas made up for it pretty well. That was its main idea.
    Also… The Saints’ attacks are almost totally physical. Pegasus Ryuseiken isn’t a series of lightning bolts, it actually a series of really fast punches. A few exceptions are Hyoga’s freezing techniques and Deathmask’s Praesape Waves…
    About the formula of getting beated up and then win with a single attack… God, that’s so old news. Dragon Ball anyone? That’s been used in shows like forever, even Evangelion has some of it… Does that make the whole show bad? I hope not, else there aren’t many shows you’d like… It cripples it a little, that’s it. To be fair, that’s actually better explained here than in other shows, since there’s an actual goddess preventing a mortal from dying
    And, last thing
    “They also fight Nordic God such as Odin and the gang, again with same formula. Probably they next will fight Budha, Shiva, Jesus, Jehovah and Allah till there’s no more God in this already God-forsaken world.”
    you’ve spent this whole post ranting about the show, while it’d have taken less than 5 minutes to read on wikipedia that the Asgard chapter is an anime-only filler, made up only to give time to the author to write the Poseidon arch for the manga. Yes, using a norse god wasn’t smart, but it was just a filler after all, made up on the go to don’t put the series on hold waiting on the author to finish an arch… So yeah, it was actually well done considering the lack of time they had to figure it out…

    I respect your opinions, but really, get documented next time… Else you’ll just look like a random hater 😉

    • Thnx 4 da info dude. Appreciate it. U really dig Saint Seiya!!!!

      Love the fact U mentioned anime filler. Dragon Ball is killing me with that one. Thnx God Dragon Ball Kai is try to fix some of it.

      Again, Thnx 4 caring & sharing

  3. U just really dont appreciate greek mythical history. They r just warrioirs that learn to fight in their own ways to protect athena. Is like in a war, u hav to learn to fight in order to protect ur kind, leader, captain, or watever u wana call it. These saints r supposed to be heroes. They descended from the mythological history warriors that protected the actual Athen, and every character descends from Gods and warriors as well. In the Myth Athena and her warriors defeat the gods, so they r going according to history. To me, it is one of the most complete shows I’ve seen. I’m big fan of Dragon Ball Sagas, but Saint Seiya Sagas were actually a myth and actual people play the characters, not from a diff planet. It teaches u about history, it teaches u lots about having hope, it entertains u, tells u about eaqch characters past history and their purpose for being wat they r. Like soulsuke said, their powers r just fast motion punches and kicks, and u do need to get documented better. I also respect ur opinion

    • Ha ha, another sparks. Thnx 4 da attention guys.

      This is started as a joke & now this get serious. But then again, this is my opinion, if U guys doesn’t approve it, I could understand.

      Still, I stick with my opinion, I dig Saint Seiya, only till the firs saga. After they change their cloth, I don’t dig them anymore.

      Thnx 4 caring & sharing. Appreciate it.

  4. well I agree with Rouju and also Soulsuke too, you both have a point. I agree Saint Seiya has always been commercial same with the dragon ball franchise, but it is also some incridble piece of work too. As always, when the first seasons started to be aired it was much fresher than the last ones. Why because its popularity. It’s the same with Dragonball, when it satarted the storyline was really original and funny, but then as it went through the Z till the GT2 periode it became more about fighting or getting killed and new transformations that defined any sens of logic (like Sangouko transformation 4…^_^ where does it really come from???). The writers got tirred of it and just repeated the same story again, again, and again. Lets face it, the reason why people still watch thouse TV shows is because the cool awesomely moves and attacks, it’s what everyone wish they could do in real life, when they are angry at a bus driver or wish to demolish their work place, school or whatever/whoever pisses them off. This is not new, it is actually very old, since the first epic tales were told, people were facinated by the free for all violence and power of the heros weather they was humans, gods, or demons. This what these TV shows are all about. Then people love to mix these tales with others and compare their heros and argue who is the strongest. Think about this who is the strongest? Superman or Freezer, many of you knows the answer, but a die hard comic fan might feel differently though. Anyway, who cares it has no more good storyline, as long as it is has cool moves and combat techniques people will still love them, because everyone loves it! except maybe pacifists and old people.

    • Sometimes I wish we all knew where to stop. The very reason Cowboy Bebop was a huge hit because the ending that open for interpretation. It makes us thinks how the ending should ends with our own preference and taste. I even prefer the ending of Evangelion TV series rather than The End of Evangelion movie (though it’s cool that the final enemy is human rather than angel).

      Sain Seiya was my childhood favorite. I bought all the toy, comic and video (VHS) but as the story progress it makes me wonder and somehow bored. I just hope that we all know when enough is enough.

      Thnx for caring and sharing dude. Appreciate it.

      • About on Cowboy Bebop. It was a huge hit (at least in North America) not because the ending was open for interpretation but because it was the first anime targeted at adults that was aired on a major TV channel (Adult Swim time in Cartoon Network). So many adults who could less give a fuck was suddenly seeing a cartoon with very adult themed story with death,blood,etc.. Combine that with the fact that Cowboy Bebop was superb production values(LOVE the music, 2nd best OST I ever seen in anime after Saint Seiya) and overall a great anime, and you got a sure hit during the early 2000s when anime was all new to North America. I read similar things in the UK as well as countries where the anime market was its infancy that Cowboy Bebop became a big hit in.

        Interesting to note is that while Cowboy Bebop did above average in Japan in terms of TV ratings (and it actually scored high critically in some sources I read), it was nowhere as big as it was in North America and other countries. This is likely attributed to the fact similar adults targetting adults were already in existence and competing alongside Bebop. Had the situation been the same for the anime market in North America, Bebop probably would ahve received the same results

      • Maybe cuz Cowboy is a western thing? Just like why Trigun is such a huge hit in west but only above average in Japan.

        Thnx for da insight bro. Appreciate it.

    • The reason why people continually rewatch Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball Z are not due to flashy fighting and cool special techniques (come on modern anime has far exceeded the flashiness and ridiculous techniques of DBZ and Saint Seiya) but mostly due:

      1)Nostalgia-This is the primary reason WHY both are still beloved (not just these titles, its also the same reason why Sailor Moon and other classics are continually rewatched despite being surpassed in technical production values and plot complexity by modern titles). Think of it, why is the original Star Wars trilogy still so beloved and rewatched today despite being surpassed by the prequel trilogy and other modern Sci-Fi in plot complexity and production values? People grew up with this stuff so nostalgia makes them hype up on them despite being surpassed by modern junk.

      2)These classic provide a certain atmosphere/element that few modern titles can match. Just try to watch Saint Seiya without the musical score adn see how much of a generic shonen it would have been. Or take out the fast paced flying battles of DBZ, and you got yourself a cliched shonen story. Or take out Cutie Honey’s eccentric busty skimpy protagonist who becomes naked to transform,and you got a bad attempt at Shonen to emulate the magical girl. Or….. I’m getting too far with this XD. The point is these classics have some certain aspect that modern titles lack and keep people to rewatching them over and over again.

      As for the comment about the first season being fresh and laters sucking because they repeat the same formula…..

      Lets be honest here a reason why many fictions have a devoted fanbase in the first place is because THEY ENJOY THAT FORMULA. That would be like saying the Diablo series sucks because every game is all isometric click-click-click gameplay with occasional upgrades. Sure completely overhauling a series would make it seem fresh and may attract more new fans but it would outrage the original fanbase(often the most fanatical and diehard) and even KILL it. A big example I can think of is Warcraft. Started out as an RTS but when it turned into an MMORPG the original fanbase began hating the franchise and it lost its core supporters(though it thrives because of the new fans who only discovered its MMORPG spinoff World of Warcraft). ATM I can’t think of more examples but there are a number of series that overhauled a beloved formula and ended up driving the franchise to extinction.

      • FYI Saint Seiya Omega is getting a big overhaul and heading in the same direction. I expect the hatred to be sparked by Omega’s departure ;).

      • True bro. That’s why I kept watching super sentai, even if I diss the formula ha ha.

        Never gets old watching grown up wearing spandex standing in front of explosion ha ha

  5. Wow, U know…I started this as a joke though I honestly have that same sentiment.

    I guess it should stop where the story is still make sense. Retired when you are on top he he

  6. I think Saint Seiya is GREAT,, don’t you dare to badmouth that !!!
    If you don’t like it, keep it for yourself !!

    PS: you SUCK

    • Ha ha, did U even read the blog? The show WAS great, but as time goes by, attrition of idea due to the repetitive state of execution hurts this series.

      Should’ve stopped at Zodiac saga he he

  7. “Next complain, is how the series progressed, after the Gold saint / Hades chapter. The next installment is also tedious tried and true formula, the same old brand new song. After Hades they fight Poseidon, with the same fight formula, until they finally beat Zeus himself, along with the same formula. They also fight Nordic God such as Odin and the gang, again with same formula. Probably they next will fight Budha, Shiva, Jesus, Jehovah and Allah till there’s no more God in this already God-forsaken world.”

    You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. They never fought Zeus. Goes to show how little you know about the series.

    And the order is : Sanctuary > Asgard > Poseidon > Hades

    • Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the input bro. Seriously, this is a comedic review, but since everyone is taking this so seriously, I guess I will say that I lost my interest after the Gold Saint chapter ha ha.

      So yeah, I still think Saint Seiya somehow sucks

  8. agreed, just tried to watch saint seiya now, what a full load piece of shit this movie is.
    i remembered how i always waited to watch this movie on the tv when i was a kid, but now i realized how shitty this movie is. the story just sux, doesn’t have any good background. soooo fugly. piece of crap. i’d rather watch DBS.

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