I Want One Mommy

One day, a mother and her daughter came to the museum of art for Super Heroes and classic art. As they pass through Super Heroes section (with statue of DC Big three, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) they finally came to the classic art section.

I wish my museum have this also, too bad this is just a joke

On the classic art section they saw statue of David by Michelangelo (U know, the one who shown his “birdie”, his pee-pee, OK Penis (Happy NOW?).

Pornography! But people refuse it and instead call it art

Then the daughter asks her mom, “Mom, what is that?” Pointing at the “birdie”. “Can I have one Mommy? That is so cute.” The daughter asks her mother like a machine gun fired by military at annoying civilian, the mother was unprepared and left off-guard so she just answer it without thinking (which she gonna regret later).

“That is a boy only, exclusively treasure honey”. The mother answer it but the daughter keeps asking why-why-why until the daughter ask one question, that she already asked before but this time her mother was slipped out and answer without thinking. “I want one mommy! I want one of those!”, the daughter whining and her mother answer this, “You can have one if you’ll be a good girl”.

”But what if I’m not a good girl mommy? What will happen?”, ask the daughter. The mother reply, “then you’ll have plenty of it”. Yup. Her mom answer it without thinking and with a straight face.

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