Nanonine Friends N’ Family Exhibition (AiB Last Performance With Lani)

I went on the first day at 6th of May 2010

At 6th of May 2010, I went to nanonine exhibition at Senayan City 6th floor. It’s a first day opening of nanonine, a local distro that known for a good place to find great local clothing brand such as OUVAL, UNKL, GUMMO etc.

Honestly, I went there just to catch Amazing in Bed (AiB) last performance with their vocalist, a beautiful foreigner, Lani Leyli. To be honest, I know this day would come, but not this fast, I mean, they are in the middle of finishing the second album then suddenly they change their vocalist (even when they release the first album, their previous vocalist Vina finished the first album before she leave). Sad but true, I kinda curios bout their new vocalist. Is she pretty? Is she a foreigner also? Etc-etc.

The flyers and the announcement kinda misleading. If U read the flyers I attach above, it said that the opening day (6th of May) is invitation only, but thanks to my curious and hard headed nature, I came to Senayan City and the opening day is open for public, all U have to do is registering U’rself at the counter (really, maybe this is why the place is not over populated at the time).

Well, to my surprise, the exhibition offers more than just clothing. It also showcasing Lomo camera and custom bike (motorcycle and also bicycle). Cool I might say (besides the bank busting price tag that is).

Some of the exhibition display; clockwise custom bike, clothing, Lomo camera and motorcycle custom

Approximately @ 18:30 the first band called Karnatra performed. Their music is kinda mix between alternative rock and Brit pop. They also sell their CD, consist of 3 songs for Rp. 10.000,- (quite a bargain if U ask me), They really set the mood, even though the crowd is not populated at the time.

I really love their song called “Can’t cured” (If I’m not mistaken)

The next band performing is The Kucrut (quite a name, an insult vocabulary, they have a knack for humor that’s for sure). Just like the name of the band, they also showed the comedic side of them in their performance. With songs like “Cinta Waria” (accidentally in love with a transgender), “Dengkulku Masa Depanku” (overload masturbation habit) and dancing rockabilly, they really fun to watch and heard. Oh, I forgot, their vocalist is (no pun intended, offending or insulting some disability or handicapped) a midget. Yes, like some sort of dwarf or sumthin’, but he is cool I must say. Way to go dude! AWESOME!!!

He may be small, but his stage act is one of a kind. A band that U should reckon with in the future

And the next performance is Monday Math class, this is the first time I saw them. Honestly, when I came to the exhibition, I saw a cute girl, a teenager, I thought that she could be big if she were a celebrity, then I saw that same cute girl performs as the vocalist of Monday Math Class! (Hell, I think I have a pedophilic tendency for this teenage girl). This band is basically a pop, a power pop kinda sounds, if U grew up in the 90’s there’s a band called Suddenly Tammy, and this band is sounds like them. A band with cute or probably soothing vocal and unique instrument (also one of their member is the front man of The Adams, Weezer-esque indie band). They are good, I can’t wait for their full album (OK, the cute vocalist helps a little).

OK,the picture sucks, but U’ll know that she’s cute

The next performer is Sir Dandy, if U knew the local clothing scene in Indonesia, U’ll know that this guy is one of the earliest guy who starts the distro scene, he owns UNKL line or 347 / EAT line clothing. He performs with Monday Math Class guitarist singing a semi acoustic (cuz the latter song they performing full band) song with amazingly catchy and interesting lyrics about daily life. I can’t get their song out of my head, especially “Lagu Itu”, “Anggur Merah” or “Jakarta Motor City”.


The next performance is one of my favorite band Amazing in Bed (AiB)! They already announce that this gig is their last performance with Lani Leyli (Noooooo) and they will introduce their newest vocalist, Maya, an Indonesian girl (support “U’r local label” thing I guess). Unfortunately they only have a limited time and can only perform 3 songs, so their new vocalist didn’t have time to performs (though she also sings a little in their last song “Romansick”).

This is the last time I’ll see this lovely formation

Personally, I think Lani should’ve leave with a bigger bang, a bigger gig (maybe some farewell showcase or concert?). There are many things left unanswered, such as is their 2nd album already finished? Is there any chances Lani, or even Vina (their 1st vocalist) to returns someday? Hell, even I left to wondering what kinda singer Maya is (is she a raw force of nature like Vina or kinda cute rockabilly like Lani). Well, life goes on and I can’t wait the taste of things to come from AiB (may the force be with them).

New vocalist Maya, and the old one Lani sings “Romansick” together with the crowd

Well, the flyers mentioned there are still other performers, but due to the time (21:30) I have to go home and work in the next day. To sum it all, it’s an interesting gig, nice exhibition, if U have the time I recommended U to go there. Still I feel uneasy about Lani’s departure, well all I can say is I’ll be missing Lani, but I welcoming Maya to the family of AiB.


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