Merry Go Round and Round and Round…

Hey Mom, good bye mom, hello mom, bye mom, as the kid shout to his mom

Well, last week I went into some Mall with an arcade center at their indoor, arcade center including video game, little roller coaster, trampoline and of course what this title implies, Merry Go Round. After a short trip to my childhood mindless fun (and some bank busting ticket) I was somehow “awed” by The Merry Go round, I don’t know why?

There’s something compelling and enjoyable watching something turning in motion in systemically in order, like windmill, moon / sun orbit or in this case, Merry Go Round. I wonder why it called Merry Go Round in the first place? Is a little girl called Merry (probably Marry or Marie) riding it 24/7 non-stop? Or it’s derived from the word merry, which means fun that supposed to go around?

Another weird thing is, Merry Go Round in Indonesia is called “Komidi Putar” or “Komedi Puter” or in english we could call it the twisting comedy, wonder why? The only thing that came through my head is a scene where a kid ride it and having fun but when he search his/her parent, they are gone (OK, that is not funny or comedic, it’s sad!).

I guess maybe it’s cuz merry it self just like everything in life, goes around, like in what comes around goes around, a small reminder that’s how the wheel of life workin’ (cool, didn’t know if they really intended to put a deep thought when naming it). A small reminder that we shouldn’t felt down when we are lose or beat ‘em up, life will turn around and give you something unexpected that will brighten our days.


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