Violent is the new sex and humor

Recently, I passed an ad that shows Dian Sastro (one of Indonesia’s most desired women to get laid) being bully by an unknown hand. This unknown hand is pulling her hair but strangely Dian seems to enjoy it (is she into Sado-Masochist or grotesque thing?).

See how the unknown hand pulls her hair?

Reminds me of The Grudge scene

This one

Another ad that bugging me, though this one kinda funny. Cuz it seems that the guy somehow killed or punched or whatever that sixth sense could do.

Paw, the girl knocked out by some invisible projectile that launched by the guy or maybe the girl being hit by 30% discount that launched by the guy?

I know violence is interesting (no wonder bullying is part of human history) but to use it in advertising? I though the one that sells supposed to be sex or humor, but violence? Come on guys, give us some education or that is nothing good on TV or to be blunt media these day?


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