Being Grown Up Isn’t Half As Fun As Growing Up (With Britney Spear ft. X-Tina Aguilera)

Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our life…

In This Diary” – The Ataris

Celebrity. Why do we love them so much? Well, cuz we can take a lesson from their life, the good and the bad one, even from corny and cheesy Pop star like Britney Spears. Through the life of Britney (and a little bit X-Tina Aguilera) we will enter the world where everything not as it seem and why we should be thankful that we are normal people and we should cherish the fact that we are growing up naturally (celebrity were forced to be prematurely mature, if that’s a correct term). Yes, This is the story of coming of age that went terribly wrong, a lesson that we all should learn (and laughing at!!!!) from celebrity.

1. Early days

Still have the innocence intact

t this stage Britney still grew normally as a little girl. No pressure, no attachment, just a girl living his dream to be a star in Mickey Mouse Club (along with Justin Timberlake, X-Tina Aguilera and other soon to be celebrity). But then again, who knew? Maybe they all are forced to do the celebrity stuff, only the guilty parties knew. Looking at how many of Mickey Mouse Club graduates became pop star, maybe Mickey Mouse Club is a training or boot camp for pop star eh? Nonetheless, the world seems like sugar and spice and everything nice.

2. Debut

Suddenly, out of nowhere, out of the blue Britney shook the very foundation of society with her HIT single “… Baby One More Time”. This peculiar video is drawing the line that once was untouched, a line between “Explicit Content” ratings and “Everyone”, a line between innocence and bitchy. Her video really splits the audience (one who adore her and one who despise her) and ignite fetish for schoolgirl uniform, also pedophilia tendency for under age schoolgirl.

With such a astonishing debut and the direction she takes, we (to be exact me) knew where this is going, sexy-ville he he

Well, my perverted thought was proven wrong (for that moment) when she release her next single “Sometimes” that shows that she is a normal nice girl and not some harbinger of free sex – kinky act endorser, just some sweet girl talking about love or puppy love to be exact. Honestly, I didn’t listen to her whole album so let’s just assume from the single she released OK? Cuz her next single also sounds normal such as “You Drive Me Crazy”, “Born To Make Happy”, or “From The Bottom of My Broken Heart”.

Innocent little Britney

This didn’t apply to her rival/BFF/whatever X-Tina with her single “Genie In A Bottle”, she debuting herself with a song that lyrically open for interpretation that if U ask me is about a genie that will grant my kinky wish he he.

U gotta “rub” me the right way (don't mess with my pervert mind girl)

The tension of being a star is increasing and what used to be a fun job now turning into a hellish nightmare. Britney (and X-Tina) is working 24/7 non-stops. Every single move they made is news worthy and from here till eternity, goodbye privacy, they belong or they are public property.

3. Stardom

Britney reach stardom instantly and became media darling. The stakes are high, the pressure to maintain success is ecstatic, also the tendency to abuse power (celebrity status along with it’s privilege and access) leads to only 2 options, remain success or going down. And this what happen to her, sales decline and fierce competition slowly but surely tearin her apart (apart from there’s no room left to improvise for pop music since most of them, not all of them, is a fabricated artist create by corporation to gain profit).

Britney released her sophomore album and to remind everyone that she’s here to stay, she released “Oops I Did It Again” which received proper success. But for what it’s worth, it couldn’t topple her debut album. This also happens to X-Tina though.

Yep, she did it again. Mess with my head U angel of naughty

What do most pop star do when there’s no room left for improvement? Sell stuff other than music that sell and one of it is sex. Yep, since most boys in this world already use Britney and X-Tina as an object of masturbation, the corporation decides, what the hell, give the people what they wanted, which is more and more sex (including sexy clothe or even implicit intercourse interpretation lyric and video). Britney released her new single also with WOW video called ”I’m A Slave For You”. Really, this is enough justification to called her “guilty pleasure”, sure we hate her, but we all want to “do” her (admit it, I do anyway).

Yeah baby, U’re my slave and I could do anything with you…anything he he

With video like this, and "toxic gun"? (Is this what I think it is?)

Britney latest controversy is her newest single “3”, it’s actually about intercourse and three-some for G-sake

X-Tina also going the same direction with her single and video “Dirrty”, I really dig this video for one thing only, SEX. Yep, I suddenly found X-Tina attractive and I want to do her (in the beginning I want to do Britney if she sounds like, or Britney body with X-Tina voice, but now I want to do threesome with both ^_^).

Wooho, dirty inded girl. I could think millions sick thing I could do with you

4. Fall From Grace

As the music change, pop music ain’t the $hit it used to be. Pop star depends on controversy such as gossip to remain their existence in entertainment industry. Of course the fallacy is not easy to face and in this delicate stage everyone needs something to hold on to, “anything”. Some find love, some find faith, or even drugs to handle the fading days. Britney married and divorce (which might get her into Guinness book of record for fastest marriage life of all time)-married again, switching faith into Kaballah then became catholic again then I don’t know what, trying drugs, etc. Hell, even they will pull suicide if it means they will be popular again.

Became Budhist enthusiast?

But then again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, at least their fallacy is interesting news for us, to be learned, to be laugh at. Ah, celebrity, doesn’t U just love them for who they are (which I bet they also doesn’t know who they are)? Who are they anyway?

5. Reckoning

But Britney and X-Tina still alive and made record nowadays. That’s a lesson we can learn, just like Alfred from Batman Begin said, “Why do we fall Master Bruce? So we could climb back again”. Yep, like the Joker said in The Dark Knight, “Whatever that doesn’t kill you will only make you…stranger”.

Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up that’s for sure. And every time you bitching yourself about it, about how hard to growing up as the pathetic little you, try to grow up as celebrity. That’s hard-core. Thanks Britney, also X-Tina, to remind us that hey, maybe we all loser, but we didn’t went the wrong path that you girls went.


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