Perfect Society, Philosophically

The invasion of discriminative hegemony into sub-conscious in the 80’s video game can be apprehended in rhetoric idea of psychosexual on the term of hangin out…
My teacher/dean gibberish that I don’t think someone could understand when I was still in college

Can you understand that gibberish? My dean/teacher, who have some degree in philosophy, said that gibberish when he tried to analyze why youngster have the so-called consumptive lifestyle nowadays. I don’t know if it just me, or is philosophy are meant to be confusing so if we said something philosophical we could sounds so clever because no one is understanding what the hell are we talking about?

The fag who introduce platonic relationship

If we talk about philosophy, we talked about the world of idea, which we might associate it with Plato. This guy is known for his idea, that some are brilliant, while the other is plain weird. If you don’t know Plato, maybe you ever heard of Platonic relationship, which is a relationship that always thought that idea comes first, without even having some ‘physical interaction’ (read: kiss, hugging, sex, etc. How come? Are you fag or impotent or something?), you know, when you’re have this mate that just don’t wanna get lovey-dovey action although the two of you are already in the path of officially couples. Well it came from Plato the philosopher.

Plato in his book Politea (The Republic) are tried to applied the dogma of equality to create the perfect society. In his society, since born the children are separated from their parent and raised in the orphanage by government so they will acknowledge government as their parent. School became the decider of everyone role in society (just like today, where in order to get a jobs, you have to be at least at college). Those who are sucks at sport will became farmer that support the well being of common good (along with the ransom supplies. Better than being bullied right?). Those who are jocks but poor in math will become soldier (probably they are so dumb they will think they aren’t outnumbered by the enemy in war ^_^). And those who are good at sports and math are destined to the elite, destined to lead the republic and will have the honor to learn about … (the plot thickens) philosophy?! These leader-philosopher will sleep, eat, work, and share their belongings together, because it believed that this will prevent them to become corruptible, especially politically (I think this is a training ground for the gay-homo leader camp). The best one of the philosopher will become the king who will rule ‘em all. Every works of art, music, literature, entertainment who’s not consisting the praise for the nation (gov) will be banned, and all kind of individualism will be exterminated (and I began to wonder why this book called The republic, communism is more suitable). Thanks God that this homoerotic idea is never, ever been implemented.

Communist party or communist in party?

Is that the perfect society? The idea of equality is probably the craziest idea that’s so absurd that I even wonder if it could really be implemented. Chinese culture revolution, French revolution, etc are happened because they want justice, equality. The revolution ended with blood bath and some hefty price, even in my country Indonesia, we paid a crazy price for reformation and democracy (May 1998 Riot where Indonesia declared the state of emergency). So we could assume that equality is nothing but a piece of trash huh?

But then again, many countries tried to became the so-called free country, USA for instance. They said that they are a free country, land of freedom, etc, but just listen to where is the love from the Black Eyed Peas, we know that they aren’t as free as they claimed. USA is well known for it double standard, especially in UN veto, and the Israel-Palestine, let’s just stop there before this shit become too political, but then again, politic is philosophical.

These guys even knew their country better than their president
You did'nt call this porn? Come on!!!!

Society always have double standard on reacting for individual achievement, hell, they have double standard for everything. Society believed that Playboy magazine is forbidden cuz it’s porn and showing full Monty (though not as vulgar as the internet), but they claimed that the statue of David are a work of art (though it’s also shows full frontal nudity like playboy. Come on it shows phallus 4 G sake. What’s phallus? It’s men genital organ OK, the birdie?). If someone became too successful like Bill Gates (I’m a Mac preferred guy OK? I dig I i-pod, i-mac, i-raq, i-ndonesia, etc), society will entitle him as an actor of monopoly and blocked his moves to gain more profit.

Is this the face of capitalist-predator-world dominator? More like a nerd to me

So, I guess we just have to be thankful for what we’ve got. Whether it’s republic, monarchy, socialism, communism, etc, as long as your country support even just a little of your individualism, you should be thankful. Because there’s no such thing as perfect society. Hell, even Chinese who claimed to be a communist is more liberal than a liberal country nowadays. All kind of society system is OK, as long as the society who applied it are applying it ism in the right way and care about their people, not just philosophically. Philosophy sucks!


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