Go Green!!! (What? We’re Not Talking ‘bout Money?!)

Like watching porn without intercourse, that’s how I feel when I saw this. It’s like something in me screams “WTF!!! I want my money back! I don’t buy U!”

OK, you see what’s wrong with the picture? A plastic bag that tells you to “Go Green”! What’s next? Hitler tells you to love and embrace the Jew? OK, I was out of line about Hitler part but come on! Plastic bag?!

It don’t take a genius to know that plastic bag is one of the things that hard to be recycled, it took a long time for plastic to be asunder and, well, return to earth as a recycled material. So, tell me I’m crazy, but to see an ad about green lifestyle using plastic bag as a media is awfully like hearing preach about simple life by some phony prophet who preach from back seat of limousine and live with five cars and big mansion. It’s like capitalist talks about equality justice or heard communist talks about personal achievement!

This is a justification that the whole “Go Green” lifestyle is carefully ruse scheme made by capitalist-in-naturalist-skin-disguise, just so they could gain more profit from what’s hot at the moment, which is the “Go Green” lifestyle. Hell!!! Even most people just doing the so-called “Go Green” lifestyle just cuz it’s what’s hot at the moment.

Maybe most of you think, “What’s wrong if “Go Green” lifestyle become a trend? Ain’t it means that more and more people will aware and doing it?” Well, it’s cuz just like any other trend, it will fade away when it’s not hot anymore. It’s a shame if that happens, shame on you who doing the “Go Green” lifestyle just cuz it’s hot at the moment!

Well, for instance, I have to take a look at myself before I preach to other right? Well, I’m not an adapter of the so-called “Go Green” lifestyle. Hell, I even believe that being a vegetarian is drop dead dumb! I mean, we all have teeth that could bite underneath, we have fang, we have eyetooth, if it feels like we denying what God have give to us (wow, what a word from a guy who have tendencies to be atheist).

But I do what I can do, I paid my share of what I can do to preserve the environment and made mother earth happy. I go to work by public transport (cuz I think drive U’r own car is more expensive), I throw my garbage where it belong (cuz I don’t want to get anymore, anything or any form of the notorious seasonal flood ever again). Final word, next time, if U want to promote about “Go Green” or Green lifestyle, please do give much thought about the media you use, use a recycled paper or cardboard or something.


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