Trip To The La La Land

Chocolate Land, somehow I found this scene so hideous

Let me come clear first, I HATE chocolate, well, hate is a strong word, so I just say that I really-really-really don’t like chocolate (kinda like Plain White T’s song). I don’t know why, but I just don’t have a spot for it. It looks like mud, it melts in your mouth like dirt, and it happens to have the same taste like $hit in my mouth (sorry 4 those who likes it).

It’s not like I have some sort of body intolerance or allergic to chocolate, I could eat it if I want to but I just won’t (though chocolate milk is still tolerable to some extent or M&Ms, I kinda like it). If other option available I gladly choose the other option than chocolate.

All you can eat chocolate buffet, YUCK

With that train of thought, I tried to face my fear, or my taste of despiteful toward chocolate by coming to “Chocolate Land”, an exhibition of chocolate on Kelapa Gading Mall. So, I embark on a dangerous journey into the dreadful “La La Land” A.K.A. “Chocolate Land” (OK, waaaaaay exaggerate, but come on, I despise chocolate dude!).

For those who wonder why I called it “La La Land”, it’s cuz I always said “La la la” along with “I don’t know U”. I can’t hear U” or any other variant of self-denial. That’s how I feel when I came to the “Chocolate Land”, denying myself or just face my hatred against chocolate in hope that I could find some enlighten or achievement while doing it (absurd I know), AT LEAST ITRIED TO LIKE CHOCOLATE HERE!

Since my atrocity tendency behavior towards chocolate is at Armageddon level of “love-hate” relationship meter, I just described my feeling through picture, with some word in it since an old saying says “a picture worth a thousand word” (and I’m still wondering why comic still considered as kitsch or just a lesser being, a downgraded derivative of art).

Look at the mascot. Look at that hideous face. I’m not making this up, the chocolate guy has that grin of mischief

Conclusion, after try to face my Armageddon hate-level towards chocolate, even try to eat some, I still hate chocolate. I could say that the experiment is a total failure. Still kinda fun in some way though.

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