A Certified – bona fide Goddess

Most of U probably aware that there has been a commotion, a rumble, uproar, and a brutal all out war in comic world. It all comes down to one name, Wonder Woman. All the comic geek in the world is stabbed by surprise when DC Comic decided to revise the origin story of Wonder Woman (not a big deal anyway), now Diana (Wonder Woman true name is Princess Diana FYI) also an orphan, just like Bruce (Batman in case U don’t know, his parents died in robbery attempt while he was little) and Clark (Superman in case U don’t know, his parents died after Infinite Crisis event), also now Diana is growing up in America, not in Amazon island which somehow explain why did a Goddess from Amazon protecting America.

Teaser of things to come for Diana A.K.A. Wonder Woman. Now she’s a fugitive? Welcome to Batman and Superman shoes, feel free to wear it Princess

Honestly, we don’t give a damn about her history been rewritten at all (it happen all the time anyway, to every comic character), what makes all comic geek hysteric is the fact that DC Comic also change her costume (eeeeeeek!!!!!). For the love of the f*#%ing God. DC Comic changes her costume! Now she looks like a biker chick (though it’s cool anyway).

Some rant from angry fan. Courtesy of http://www.comicalliance.com

Still I am wondering what’s so wrong with that. I mean from time to time DC Comic change her costume (this ain’t the first time), look at this panel where most of her costume (that ever been created and wear by her)

No ones complains when she change her cloth to a more stupid dress at the time?

Some geek screams that she looks like slut now. I mean come on? Slut? She looks awesome and though I admit she lost the “Goddess” aura (now she looks like a hot rebel girl or something). If Diana ever look like slut is when that notorious-stupid arc “The Darkest Night” when she join Star Sapphire corps and use the violet ring (OK, I LOVE it cuz she turn into that when she realize that she’s in love with B-MAN! Now that’s awesome. B-MAN RULES!).

You want slut? Here’s one! Though I enjoyed it he he

The rumor of her new costume is getting more and more frenzy every day, especially after some Geek posts this picture on the net. A picture of Diana new costume and the so-called revision. This is highly suspicious cuz nowadays everyone could do a little Photoshop here and there but one thing for sure, this marks that not everyone happy with the changing (grown up dude!).

If it's Photoshop, it's a DAMN good one

Well no matter what, the costume is here to stay (at least for the moment) and yes, Diana stills a certified bona fide Goddess in comic world. The biker looks just icing the top of the sweet cake even B-MAN himself admit that Diana is hot, and if the B-MAN says so, than it is so (and her original costume is weird anyway, how come a Goddess goes everywhere only using a swimsuit? That is dumb!)

She’s now even have a street fighting style rather than Amazonian martial art. Cool

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