Inception, The Afterthought

Kinda look a like right? Same director though

They are not here to dream. They are here to wake up

An elderly man dialogue from Inception

Honestly I don’t have high expectation for this movie, though the Director of this movie is Christopher Nolan that brought you “Memento”, “Batman Begin”, “The Dark Knight”, etc (I lost faith since Bryan Singer who brought “Usual Suspect” sucks when he direct X Men and Superman Returns, the worst Super Hero movie ever, even worse than “Batman and Robin” by Joel Schumacher!). So I came to cinema without expect something of it, rather just “I hope you maintain your level and didn’t sucks this time Nolan”. Then I just blew away like a fish out of water and I tell you why.

1. The Good

Well, from what I see, this is Nolan as we all know (at least that I know). Twisted plot? Checked. Gripping pace? Checked. Good characterization? Checked. The usually so-so soundtrack in all Nolan’s movie? Checked. To sum it all, it’s what you expect from Nolan movie along with mind-F$#@ ending (thank you Nolan to make my faith restored).

Story wise, it’s like some Mission Impossible type movie, but instead to steal stuff (though they actually steal thought or idea cuz it’s easier than…well, I tell later), they put stuff or idea in someone’s head, thus come the word “inception” the birth of something, in this case idea. To steal thoughts or idea is easy but to put one? There’s where the story become more and more interesting. How come put idea in ones head become interesting? Well, cuz in order to do so, they have to break in someone’s dream, they have to put the subject into sleep condition (drug him/her) and then with some machine (not cuz they are psychic) they enter the subject dream and bring the so called “inception”.

So Leo Dicaprio and the team consist of A class actor/actress such as Michael Caine, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levit, Ken Watanabe, etc is trespassing someone’s sub conscious stealing and also incept idea. You think this concept is lame and the reason why Warner Brothers let this movie into realization cuz Nolan made a splash with Batman Begin and Dark Knight huh? Well, it’s not. The concept is good on paper but the implementation is sooo good people.

And dream world is such a hostile place that makes Vietnam, Afghanistan or Kosovo pale in comparison, it made the real world like a walk in the park. The dream world is such a fragile place that can be torn apart if the subject is in some way intercept by any kind of disturbance (e.g. the subject is touched to the point the subject change the position when s/he sleep makes the dream world shift or shakin’ it means the greater the disturbance, more catastrophic the impact). So, how they overcome this? They put the second layer dream, a dream within a dream so the disturbance on the subject didn’t have impact (unless the second object in the second layer of dream world disrupt). Another catch, in the dream world, time is longer than the real world, and in the second layer the time even longer, top make it easy let’s say 1 second in real world felt like an hour (multiplied 3600 times) and it also multiplied for the next layer of dream world (cuz it’s hard to incept and idea the team have to multiply dream layer to do the inception without being notice by the subject).

The world falls apart literally

As I told before, the dream world ain’t walk in the park. Apparently all the CEO or every executive in the big company trained to counter this dream trespasser. These high rank employees have a self-defense squad (equipped with high tech weapon and highly trained squad) in their dream that makes sure there’s no one able to steal or incept their mind. If people died in the dream world, they just wake up but if they die in second layer or more dream (the dream within a dream) they will be in state of trance or become a mindless zombie cuz their conscious is dwell in the dream world (which somehow in someone else’s dream, confusing huh?). So this movie quite action packed.

2. The Bad

Well, I can’t be sure if it’s bad but the movie concept of multiplied time in dream world makes the action tends to be exaggerated and looooooooong. Another thing that bother me is how hard to incept an idea, in this movie they try put an idea so the heir of some conglomerate so they won’t join his father company. I mean they like journey through hell just to do that. When other more easy methods such as abducting the subject and torture him/her, brain wash or just hypnotize, there’s like millions other method for it, why take the high road?

Another complaint, not major but in order to understand the story U have to focus and that’s hard knowing there’s a lot of @$$hole in cinema that just irritating and annoying that would just divert your focus (there should be a law with hefty penalty for anyone who is annoying in cinema). And you just didn’t whose dream they are in or is it real world or not (though honestly that’s how good and twisted this movie is).

3. Afterthought

Well, it’s a good movie, it could be a contender for Oscar if that matter. I highly recommend this movie cuz it’s a great movie with twisted plot (along with philosophical $hit) that can be enjoyed by anyone even if s/he miss some point (due to the annoying crowd).


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