Do It With Style, Just Don’t Forget The Substance

The awesome old timer

Last week in Indonesia (Friday, 30th of August 2010) there’s a ruckus caused by an old man, an old actor named Pong Harjatmo (these guy was famous at 70’s-80’s as an antagonist actor whose main role mostly as an @$$hole that raped the main female protagonist or any kind of female in the movie, WAAAAY COOOOOL ^_^). Pong made quite a splash when he climbed MPR-DPR building (house of representative if U didn’t catch what the hell is that) and made a clear message about what most Indonesian feel concerning the Indonesian government works, which is slow, lazy and I don’t know what other form proper, angst and adequate rant for how Indonesian feel about their government.

Pong made it clear that he is disappointed by how slow the government react when 3 KG gas incident (they blow up everywhere and killed thousands if not millions, OK I exaggerate thing but yes it takes many casualty that I almost think that 3 KG gas should replace grenade in the battlefield due to their explosion and certainty to explode, it’s like time bomb) and how outrageous government is when they sue and outcast widow of independence hero from their house (though it’s technically government facility but cone on guys! Even I’m not that heartless).

Indonesian’s most famous weapon of mass destruction the 3 KG gas tank

Pong slap youth of the nation in da face and showed us how to made a point (rather than stupid protest or meaningless rant in twitter or facebook account). This old timer really know how to strike (even when the iron is not hot) and really stands in what he believe (he even said that he will repeat his action in other government building that he thinks sucks.

Left: the building, right: the message “Honest, Fair and Firm” truly what our government is lack for, bulls eye hit mate! U just hit the Jackpot

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not I totally agree to Pong action (OK, I support it 10000000000%, U go old timer! Though I think other method could be implemented before we go anarchy on the street). What I think most people missed from this controversy is the message, the substance, and the very reason of the action.

Most media will probably just cover Pong and exposed it (though honestly media kinda censored this stuff before it blows out of proportion, they should’ve did this to when Porn video of Indonesian celebrity came out) till everyone had enough and will just forget it.

Remember him? He should be the president of PSSI just for his endeavoring spirit

This happen all the time, how many of us still remember when Hendry Mulyadi (check my other blog entitled Take Matter With My Own Hand )? Bet most of just remember him as the crazy guy who breaks into the field and try to make a goal at Oman goal post cuz Indonesian national team is sucks. Please do remember that he did what he did cuz the government, in his case PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) didn’t prepared, trained or any attempt whatsoever to made Indonesian football in better state (though at the moment PSSI also made quite a splash when they aggressively persuade foreign-half Indonesian blood footballer and nationalized them, quite an attempt for what is worth though the idiom “is it that hard to find 11 player in the 300 billion Indonesian population” still lingering).

Or other example when the shooting spree happened in USA, most people just focused on the shooter and not the main problem, it’s easy to access gun in America and blame video game for it. Other example is flying in the air and I could make billions page of essay for it.

Bottom line, we all have to look deeper than just scratch the surface, there’s a real problem lies deep within everything. We have to look from others point of view. Well, probably we also have to express the message in less extra vaganza style (though I think, here the fun or the pleasure in doing it in lesser fashion?). Just remember, if we doing it with style, just remember that the people will understand and receive the message.


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