The Last Air Bender, Faith 2 B Doomed?

With “The Last Air Bender” (the Avatar from Nickelodeon TV series, not the “Avatar” from James Cameron) already out, the image of Aang the last air bender himself suddenly came to my brain and annoy me (due to the fact that he is male obviously not a pretty girl and the fact that he have the weird arrow shaped tattoo).

Even the box office report of this movie is so-so. It didn’t perform well in the box office chart. I didn’t watch it cuz my neighbor, a 6 years old hard-core fan of TV series sez that the movie is sucks (though his parent though it was a decent movie). My intuition sees this movie will flop.

And after goggle-ing on the net, I understand why this movie, especially Aang presence and existence annoy me my intuition keep saying this movie doomed to be failed. Here’s a breakdown of annoying things he did with my head (which somehow doomed this movie into a failure project) :

1. It has a same name with James Cameron’s Avatar

Same name different fate

As you all know. Avatar probably hailed as “Titanic” of the new Millennium, which is weird cuz, even if Titanic was made by James Cameron also, Titanic it self is an arguable movie for people cuz some people consider that it’s a bad movie (like me. Hell the only good scene is when Di Caprio and Winslet make out in the car and when the damn boat finally sinking) while for others Titanic is the best movie of all time. So it’s a sink or swim condition literally even without pun intended for The Last Air Bender to be pitted with such behemoth.

So, the condition mention above makes the future gloomy for this movie

2. The arrow shape tattoo / thing in his head

There's something fishy about that freaky tattoo

There’s something wrong with the arrow shaped tattoo. It’s annoying me so much that I surf the net like crazy till I found out what really bothering me bout that tattoo, here :

If he open his shirt, there probably more of those freaky tattoo like this

And I remember that my former boss in my former office had / have one of those shirts. And it’s way un-cool to know that 40 something people pretend to be cool with that shirt. If U ask me, shirts like that have some hidden agenda or biased meaning, such as this :

Look deeper and U'll see a bunch of shy-awkward individual pretend 2 be cool

Another NO-NO for this movie

3. The Director, M Night Shyamalan

Name me m Night Shyamalan movie that is actually good after The Sixth Sense? This guy is going all-downhill from there and most of his movie is a hit or miss (I almost thought he was going to be the next Uwe Boll with all the declining quality of his movies, even The Last Air Bender also a video game franchise in some way so the similarity is rather uncanny, along with the two have an unusual name). The Village is like what? (Did he write it to insult my intellectual?). While The Happening is like a cheap shot to take some advantage from The Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore and the hype of global warming. Hell, even The Sign is also a hit or miss (my sister think it sucks).

Honestly, which one is a good movie? None I’m afraid

M Night Shyamalan? Not a dollar bill guarantee at the moment.

4. Last but not least, it’s a Racist movie

Shuko is asian while Aang is american, hmmm racist?

Yep, this movie is considered 2 be a racist due to the fact that all the supposed 2 be eastern people switched by a westerner, with the exception that the antagonist remained 2 be played by eastern actor (Dev Patel form Slum dog Millionaire) is made.

Conclusion, doom 2 be failed or faith 2 be doomed, approximately 100%. Hell, to squeeze a 40 ++ episodes into 2 hour or more is mission impossible, even if everyone said that there will be a sequel, I wonder if the company willing to continue such under-performing movie.


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