Anti Technology?


Again, (and again, and again, and again….and so on) my office computer broke down (I don’t know for what time cuz I stop counting at 7th). Seriously, to know that I work in what of the biggest Bank in Indonesia and I’m still using Windows 2000 FOR THE LOVE OF F$^KIN’ GOD, Oooh the humanityyyyyy (OK, way exaggerate things but U get the idea). Ain’t PC qualification nowadays (even for computer rental supposed to be Windows XP? Come on, it’s like try to hit light speed using steam engine here!

Maybe this is the sign for me to get a new job and the new office? Well Since I don’t have enough option at the moment, I try the old saying sex “If U can’t be with the one U love, Love the one U with!”. Till I get a new job there is he he (Deadline for the new job is October Aditya, PSYCHE!!!)


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