Another Reason 2 Hate Chocolate

Well, I already mention how I hate chocolate in my blog called Trip To The La La Land and recently, I have to eat chocolate. Yes, it’s like a leap of faith that I was forced to ate chocolate, the chronology will be told in the next paragraph.

Since it fasting month, and I went home from the office at 16:00, I can’t made it in time to break my fast at home. It took me approximately 1 and a half hour, even more to reach home. Solution : I break my fast at the office. My office provides Tajil (a light meal such as cookie or Kurma to break the fast) every workday. Well, since I can’t choose the menu, I have to eat everything they have to offer and on that day (19th of August 2010, yes it was carved / tattooed on my mind) they offer chocolate bread (bread filled with chocolate on the inside, at first I thought it was only a bread filled cheese). To make story short, I ate it.

After I ate it, the only thing that came up in my mind was “AWFUL!” and then I went home using my regular Trans Jakarta Bus. On my ride, something erupted on my stomached, suddenly I had this urge to go 2 d bathroom and doing number 2, for God-sake, NUMBER 2!!!! If it’s number 1 (take a pee in case U didn’t know while number 2 is well, U know the other side of number 1, the nastier side) I could just drop of in some random and quiet, still, desolate, lonely shelter, go into a corner and throw the liquid in some bottle or can, HELL!! I even I just could pee in some corner or pole just like some dog try to explicitly mark his domain.

I don’t know Bout U, but 4 me at that time; this is heaven

Hence, and fortunately I stumble to some Hotel called “New Idola” in “Pasar Genjing” Shelter and I just “unload” my urge for doing that thing (for FREE!!!! Thnx 4 da lovely front desk crew) though the toilet is kinda bad.

Lesson to be learned, DON’T EAT CHOCOLATE EVER AGAIN! And I found this random image on the net that explains why chocolate is bad 4 U (at least 4 me that is) :

If the Bats sez so, it’s an unquestionable decree

Yep, chocolate sucks! The first thing that came to my mind when someone asks me “Isn’t there any thing that is good from chocolate? There must be some good memory right?” Well probably Snow Patrol’s song “Chocolate”, that’s it cuz I don’t wanna waste my time on some useless thing like chocolate and The Bats gave me another reason 2 hate chocolate.


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