Dick Jokes

WOW, Viagra’s works!!!!!

So, just as the fasting month passed, I think it’s about damn time that I unleashed the demon within and start having fun, the unadulterated fun. And talk about fun, what is more fun than joking about sexuality (well joking about religions and Gods also fun but some dick-head will find it intolerable so I’ll stick with the sex joke). So sex joke, to be more blunt and straightforward, dick joke is all you’ll have this time. Maybe U find it funny, maybe don’t, maybe too offensive maybe don’t, etc (honestly I don’t give a damn about U guys think) but here goes nothing.

Since the first day God furious and outcastes our ancestor from Garden of Eden, the first thing Adam & Eve notice when they arrived at the God-forsaken place called earth is how different the “tool” is between man and women (and how they should use the “tool”). Since then, sex joke is start to blooming and since men is more savage, raw, immature, and more open about sex, dick joke is been flying around just like Blackberry Messenger sent broadcast message to the choir.

U only load it Bats? U should unload it somewhere, maybe Diana or Selina? Come on dude! It’s there for a reason

Along with dick jokes and human tendency to explore and exploit everything (and of course sex also on the menu) makes God angry once again (this dudes is easily agitated eh?) and gave us the gift to stop us from do the swing and orgy, AIDS. For some the 4 words stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, while for some it stands for All I Do Sex he he (in Indonesia it stands for Akibat Intim Dengan Setan or cuz hanging a lot with Satan, if hanging out with Satan guaranteed U get laid, well I can say I’m tempted to hanging out with him he he), still this gift from God didn’t stop us from being, well us. We create condom and still having fun to promote free sex, just like this ad.

Sex ed? Safe sex ad? No wonder God is furious

Talk about ad, sex is what sold the product, along with humor. Thus birth deadly combo, humor with sex, such as dick jokes! This is some of my most memorable dick jokes ad :

Yep that’s one hell of a p*$#*, err I mean one hell of a burger he he

OK, you think that only retarded and pervert like me who enjoys dick jokes? WRONG! Dick jokes is human nature, we always make fun of it. Hell, if superheroes enjoys it, so shall the man on the street. This is some example of how dick jokes become a common past time for us also for superheroes :

Richard John Grayson A.K.A Dick Grayson, maybe his nick named after his attitude?

Another example how adults also enjoys dick jokes, now U know where the word adultery came from, adults :

Behave gentlemen, the singer ain’t that hot anyway (and U guys are supposed 2 be mature)

Another weird example. What kind of parents gives their son name such as Dicky (along Satrio Sudiro, though)?

I don't edit this photo whatsoever guys, honestly

Hell, I really enjoyed this I should do this more often! If some of U feel offended or didn’t share my sense of humor…well all I can say is :

In ya face hater!

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