Ballad of the Street Musician

If U love 2 eat at Warteg (stands 4 warung Tegal or food stall from Tegal, some region in Indonesia, though the term warteg is used 4 any kind of food stall with economic price and stands in the sidewalk), chances are, U encounter “pengamen”, some sort of street musician that sing random song (only a handful who played requested song) and usually these performer only equipped with a guitar and the voice is….er well, if U hear something good, then consider U’re self lucky.

The voice wills shattered U’r heart, and ear, and other tear able part of you (pun intended)

So, recently while I was eating on some warteg, though it’s a seafood stall anyway, I encounter this pengamen there. I don’t know why, but I think shouldn’t be anything like pengamen 101 or something? I mean, it’s kinda obvious that most of the pengamen who performs at warung tegal won’t get “decent sympathy” from the audiences. Not like we all heartless bastard or something, but most people who eats @ warteg are using hand to eat, thus we can’t gave them money.

Yep, kinda barbaric I know, but most people said that the hand savor the flavor

Knowing these, or probably those pengamen don’t, they are keep on coming to the warteg where I’m in (approximately 3 pengamen I encountered that day) and thus those pengamen didn’t get the decent sympathy I mean earlier (e.g. get money in return of their service or something), instead they become quite an annoyance due to the lack of harmonious sound they produce and the frequent “pop-up” between one pengamen to the other (I swear it’s kinda they have this schedule like 5 minute recess before the other pengamen showed up). So please if there any pengamen who read this, just check before perform whether the people eat using hand or just please for the love of freakin God, practice before U performs, at least U guys didn’t sing the blues or ballad for me again.


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