Paradise Island, If You Could Afford It

So, my family and me went to Bali at 9th to 11th of October, approximately we went there for 3 days 2 nights. This is the 2nd time I went there (I first went there when I was 6 or 7 years old, back when Bali wasn’t the “it” place for holiday like today) and I decided, “Hey, why don’t I pretend to be a traveler and tells other what I like there. Just like preview or review?” Thus, here what I could say about my trip there (though we was there to attend my nephew marriage).



Thnx for the budget and nice ride guys

We went there with this airplane (kudos for the trip), we leave Jakarta at 10:00 and arrived at Denpasar at 12:00. First thing you should know, there’s a gap about 1 hour between Jakarta and Denpasar, at Bali’ time, it’s 1 hour earlier than Jakarta (that’s why I was amazed that when I woke up at 04:30 to watch my daily news dose the TV station hasn’t aired yet (regular national news start at 05:30 in Bali). And the other thing, it’s very hard to find a decent public transport (and cheap) in Bali, so prepare U’re budget for taxi (expensive!!!!!), I was lucky that I stayed at my dad’s friends house and they bothered to take us on a tour in Bali.


Day 1:

At the first day I went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK to shortened things up, some cultural park or monument for art performance. I felt I was ripped off cuz U have to pay Rp. 25.000,- for one person and Rp. 5000,- for parking fee. I felt that way cuz there’s supposed to be a statue of GWK (Wisnu is some major character in Wayang or Hindu legend, riding Garuda, some mystical bird) and if U didn’t get the idea here’s a picture of it’s miniature.

It’s supposed to look like this when it’s done.



But since the project is postponed for I don’t know when (they run out of budget to finish this behemoth statue that will be taller than statue of liberty when it’s done), we were left to see a half assed statue of what supposed to be GWK (that’s why I felt ripped off). Well besides the statue, since it’s also a cultural park, U could watch some art performance, free temporary tattoo, free caricature (but the queue line is loooooong). Still not worth my Rp. 25.000,-

The statue was built separately and U just have to imagine what kind of monstrosity huge this baby will be


Some of the attraction. Nice performance, but still….


Just another beach with some extra

Besides GWK, at day 1 I also went to Dream Land, it’s actually just another beach that suitable for surfing since the wave is awesome. To enter this beach, U has to pay Rp. 15.000,- (again, I felt ripped off, twice a day, how awesome is that eh?). So, is it worth the admission fee? If U dig surf than yes it is, if not, well I just hope that the foreigner (many sexy girl with bikini wooo ho!!!!!) could feast your eyes and compensate for the cold hard cash U waste.


At night we went to Jimbaran beach to have dinner by the beach. We decided to spend night in Menega restaurant (which become famous when some stupid terrorist plant some bomb and blew it). The food was good, the price kinda hard for me to swallow though.

Open air, nice food and again foreigner



Day 2:

2nd day I went to find some souvenir for my supposed-to-called colleague, and there’s thing that U should know, in Bali, or in Indonesia to more general, U have to armed with the ability to bargain and have the wit, the will and some nerve to get the decent price (or at least that U think decent). And at the morning we went to Sanur beach (miss the sun rise cuz we all are lazy @$$ he he) to find some breakfast. There I tried my best to bargain some shorts to be used when we swim later on (which is failed cuz there are other circumstances). The opening price is Rp. 35.000,- and I get it for Rp. 20.000,- (which is some success somehow but I still have the uneasy feeling for it).

These people are hard to bargain with



My dad’s friend said that if U want cheap souvenir, came to Erlangga, some sort of factory outlet for souvenir (my shorts was priced Rp. 15.000,- here damn!). I highly recommended this place for some souvenir, I tag U the picture and its address incase U need it.

highly recommended



Not much to do since we have to pick my dad’s other friend before we hit the marriage party later that night.


Day 3:

Beautiful place

The last day, since today we will leave Bali, we decided to spend most of our time in Tanah Lot and Kuta beach (awesome place). At Tanah Lot, we just went there to see the famous Pure (a building to do prayer in Hindu religion), which built on Small Island that were separated from the mainland when the tides is high.


Perfect spot to kill yourself

And that’s what happens when we went there, the tides high so we can’t get into the Pure, still awesome though, cuz there’s also other Pure besides the famous one. And this place is such a beautiful place to commit suicide with many cliffs to choose for. There’s also a beautiful beach but since he beach is placed on the place with such strong tides, it was off limit. Visit there at 15:00 approximately the tides is low.



Then we went to Denpasar, capital city and Kuta beach. This place is flocked with beautiful foreigner, bikini everywhere and modern store (this me likey). I was home for the first time in Bali. We decided to spend times at Centro, just some Mall, nothing special than the fact that this Mall has beach on it’s sides (waaaaay awesome). Well I’m such a Mallrats so this is the part where I fell in love with Bali (couldn’t care less for the beautiful scenery and culture he he). Then at 18:15 we leave Bali to Jakarta (lovely city, my city).

Nice beach and tons of bikinis



After thought:

Well, I’m more of a city guy, so Bali didn’t impress me much (Kuta and Denpasar is awesome though) and if U don’t have the cash, it’s hard to enjoy Bali. So I guess I need more time to really enjoys and love Bali.



Some small tips to enjoy Bali from me : Go there, stays in Poppies (some street full of crack-head and cheap motel. In Jakarta it’s equivalent with Jaksa Street) and spend most time in Kuta. U’ll get the best of Bali, foreigner, bikinis, cheap booze, wild party and wasted guarantee he he. There, if U have the cash, go to Benoa Island and spend $ 150 to spend almost full day of fun such as diving, parasailing, and other fun activity.



This peculiar key chain is everywhere in Bali, which makes me think, “I’m crazy, but I won’t buy or give that to anyone else with decent sanity”. Who buy this anyway?



They say the more U fly, the more U risk U’re life and I love every minute of it. The turbulence and seconds before and after landed or fly is the best. Better than roller coaster he he

more fun than roller coaster yee ha!


Fun fact : while I passed the Bali Bombing monument, some native jokes that if the terrorist blew the bomb later that night, the casualty will be more devastating (the bomb blew at 11:00 and the wild party hasn’t even started yet). Maybe the terrorist are bunch of homey who never hanging out at night ^_^ OK, not funny at all. Sorry





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