Couple of Signs That U Are old

Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our life


“In This Diary”-The Ataris

12th of November and I’m 27 years old! WOW! Club 27! Just like Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, etc who’s dead at the age of 27! Am I gonna be dead like them? Hell I know, but I’m kinda curious for the possibility of it he he. Well, after I went into some gig, I just realize that, well, I’m OLD!!! Or getting old if that could make it easier to accept that. How U asks me? Well, let me break down some signs that maybe could be applied to others (terms and condition applied he he) to know if U‘re getting old, I guarantee, no medical fact or scientific bang, let’s save those on the more “competent” blog he he. Well, couple of signs to know that U’re getting old are :

1. You listen to “adult contemporary” genre

There’s a reason why the genre called “adult contemporary”, cuz obviously most adult enjoy it (for many reasons such as they are getting old for rock music or they just become jaded and need to laid back and relax). But then again I think this genre shoulda-woulda-coulda called “alternative”, at least for me cuz basically I’m a rock enthusiast (mostly indie-rock and pop-punk and li’l funk) and I found this genre is some”escapade” if my ear sick & tired with growl, distortion, effect, etc. I don’t think anyone that enjoys this genre should be labeled as old, but then again majority has spoken though, if U dig this, U’re old (screw them, screw majority, minority rules!!!!).

OK, this category is waaaay biased, cuz as a kid I grow up listening to Sting (vocalist from The Police) and Phil Collins (the bald guy who used to be the drummer for Genesis) so of course I dig them (they considered adult contemporary genre), FYI : If U knew or dig these two, either U’re old or U have a good sense of music (hopefully the latter).

PS : sometimes artsy (such as blues or prog rock) or chill / laid back music also considered as adult contemporary. So, knowing most CD’s that I bought are chill music or even artsy rock, then I’m certified bona fide old he he

Music For Sale, Andre Harihandoyo & Sonic People, Bonita, Sting and Leonardo. Wow, I’m really get old and soft

2. You are worn out to do things you used to do

Well, I love live music, especially rock or punk. I used to jump into mosh pit for no or any reason whatsoever, I just loved to. It’s like some pilgrimage journey or ritual in mosh pit, even if I’m getting beaten up I still want some more (the good ol’ college days).

I used to be in the crowd, not outside looking in like this

That’s the old days, now I’m just stand aside and watch people attacking each other in mosh pit. Fun, and sometimes I still do it, but I can only bear a couple songs, unlike the old days.

Other example, I used to stay up all night (going to da club, hanging out with friends, wasted, etc) and I could still do my routine activity the next day. Now? Well my body just can’t help it and probably I’m just getting sick the next day.

I can’t lie to myself physically. This sign is the plain-harsh-cruel truth that I’m getting old.

3. You became a “Sunday driver”

What sets the different between young and old? Young person didn’t give a damn about consequence, we learn the consequence the hard way when reality bites. Old men always give, minimally, second thought before doing things, young people don’t think, we do! That’s when the term “Sunday driver” appear, it happened, when we drive like an old man (doing 40 on highway) and everyone is pissed and honking at you.

The reason why? Well like I said, old people had learned the hard way, they have the advantage of experience. To me, I used to do stupid things, automotive is one of those things. I used to speeding like ghost-rider until one day I crashed one time, learned the consequence of things and I turned into “Sunday driver” from that moment cuz I don’t want to get caught in that tangled web ever again and I’d rather be snail but safe than be flash but wrecked.

Move old Hag! My tractor is faster than U!

“Sunday driver” not always a term in driving, it applied in every section of life. It happened when you became, what most young people said, “party pooper” like when everyone is went to get high, OK bad example, when everyone ask you to join in crazy party then suddenly you became “Sunday driver”, the sounds of conscience. You said, “What about work tomorrow?”, “What about our budget?”, and all that turned of fun things that you said, that’s when you know you are “Sunday driver”, that’s when you know you are old.

4. You become the exact copy / clone of your parent

When we were young, the first act of rebels is against our parents. We always said no to everything that our parent said cuz somehow we knew that what our parent told us to do was the things that they were afraid or failed to do when they were young (we are the substitute for every broken dream and failed expectation they had). Also, somehow we knew that every course or extra curricular they urge us to do is what they want, not us (honestly, what kind of kid want to get extra dose of Monday math class?).

But as years go by, somehow we learn to adapt, to understand that what our parents do probably to our best interest, in they’re on mind though, since when we were small we don’t have any competency to decides which are the best for our self (if I realize this sooner, maybe I turn into arsonist, a bully, etc since I can’t be convicted guilty for the things I do when I was little at that time ^_^). Again, it’s the irony of life when we become the things we hate the most (and believe me that this irony will become part of our life). Well to make it easy, I always said this, “Send a monster to fight a monster. To fight a monster, you have to become one (our parents)”.

Am I gonna be fat and grumpy like him? Nooooo

5. Etc

Well, there’s a lot of other things but my brain is kinda having a writer-block I think this is enough.

WOW!!! I’m old, if my definition of getting old is spot on. Then again, we’re all get old anyway. It’s inevitable. Why I should scared of it, just embrace the fact and enjoy it. What’s important is that I enjoy my life the way I wanted it to be and hope I’m aged “gracefully” and my spirit is “21 forever” so when the time comes for me to draw my last breath, my last word is, “That was one hell of a ride wooho!”.


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