Do we really need another reboot?

I kinda dig his new look

Last week Earth One Superman is released and to no surprise that everyone (almost everyone) loathe this reboot. It came to a question, “Do we really need another reboot for Sissy-man?”. I don’t know how many times Sissy-man has been rebooted, like in some way, A LOT! His history has been written in many way and many form just so everyone is happy and accept this cocky boy.

Bad @$$ to the bone

From my first paragraph, U’d know that I didn’t like Superman (I loathe him, I called him Sissy-man) cuz he always portrayed as the perfect role model (has super-power, charming personality and a perfect hero by definition), which is for me just unrealistic (funny how serious I take comic book for). I mean, Batman from the very start is portrayed very realistic (from how he become a hero, vengeance fueled, have no super-power, and have a fragility of human just like the rest of us). Hell, even Batman have serious issues with his personality (he is a sick rich boy with too much money and lack of sleep to beat the hell out of criminal and never trust everyone to the point that he collect data of each and every single character and it’s weakness incase that he needs to bring down certain individual) and he is admit that he have to be a criminal, cuz he is not a hero and in order to do things that law could or would not do, well in his own word “to fight a monster, send a monster”.

Back to Sissy-man reboot, if U ask me, the reason behind this newest reboot is cuz somehow Superman has lost his touch, not in term of popularity but in term of how as a character he could relate to it’s audience. Sissy always portrayed as the picture perfect of an ideal hero, which some people find it very disturbing, annoying and unrealistic (like me for instance, Sissy SUCKS!). So DC Comics decided to reboot Sissy with a new origin, new personality and somehow I could smell DC effort to put Sissy comic in the same universe like the movie (total failure big budget crap starring Brandon Routh) or TV series (Smallvile starring Tom Welling).

Another reason to hate Sissy, check the annoying hair. DOESN’T U just wanna punch him in the face?
A cliché typical bad-guy eh?

First impression, I admit, like what I said earlier, that Kal-el (which I prefer to called him, better than Clark or Sissy right?) is bad @$$ (finally he looks tough) next his character origin is twisted, which makes fan-boy all over the world cry like a baby. This time he wasn’t sent to earth cuz his planet is dying and about to blow up but cuz his planet is under attack and being blown by another alien race, which makes him also on a quest to vengeance like Batman.

Easy when U have Super power eh?

And this time Kal IS a cocky boy who didn’t give a damn whether he abuse his power for his personal gain and some people see that this time Sissy is became more “emo” than ever, which if U ask me ain’t bad cuz I personally need some introspective and deep thought on my comic (and usually Batman or Green Arrow from DC comic provides most of the time). I guess I love the fact that this time Kal have the fragility of human, the benefit of doubt of who he was, who he is and who he is going to be. He still young and still looking for his place in this world and whether this God-forsaken world is worth fighting for (the last sentence is my thought he he^_^).

Some sample of his “emo” moment

Awkward if U asks meI really dig this new version of Sissy man and I don’t give a damn if Sissy militant fan boy is crying out loud when their gay icon is being twisted to suits kids nowadays, which is somehow become “emo” like. The things that I didn’t like is somehow this version of Sissy is that it didn’t have the snob looking that his previous incarnation have, this time he looks more skinny and human (ironic how the fragility of human and his old cocky superhero which makes him likeable for me also the point that I didn’t like about this new comic). I mean check when the time came to wear that stupid S costume, kinda awkward eh?

So, back to the question “Do we really need another reboot?”, if U happy with the state of Sissy nowadays probably the answer is don’t, but if what DC meant for this comic is to grab new fans and make Sissy more likable to the new audience or people that hates him from the first place, like me, Sissy really do need a reboot to make him have something in common or something that we can relate to.


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