Club Can’t Handle Them

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can’t even handle me right now
Watchin you I’m watchin you we go all out
The club can’t even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
The club can’t even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)

Put your hands up!


“Club Can’t Handle Me”- Flo-Rida ft David Guetta


Disclaimer: This is merely work of fiction and no hidden agenda or sumthin, just some psycho try to release it self from grip of stress. If something in this $hit is bugging U, either U’re 2 sensitive or U just pain in da @$$ ^_^ (just kidding guys) just for fun.


U hears that songs almost everyday, especially since “Step Up 3D” is still brewing on cinema and the song is heavy rotation on the radio and TV. But still, as good as a song is, there’s a point where somebody will said, “I had enough of this $hit!” and that’s why I write this just to let go some steam of hatred towards these song.

Can someon stop these f#%$kin' song? What's with the background image?


Gangsta baby

In order to make this material legit seems to or valid enough to fool you, it is an obligation to tell you who are these 2 men that creates such an annoying song. And WOW, a picture never lies (unless a picture were edited by photoshop) and if looks could kill, Flo-Rida is a weapon of mass murderer! His looks makes “50 cent” should’ve called “NO penny 4 U” instead or maybe “Geee U not!”. This is real gangsta we talkin’ about!


Don’t be fooled, he’s dangerous, he’ll blast

And David Guetta it self also is da $hit! Under the Mr. Nice-guy persona, hid an anarchist, arsonist and member of ETA or Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (some insurgence or separatist group of Spain whose motto is U gotta fight for your right 2 party). So David is being exiled from Spain straight into Ibiza island to fight for his right 2 party.


The dynamic duo met when they was brought 2 Guantanamo prison, in maximum security facilitation due 2 threat they were brought upon these world (they are considered 2 be an universal threat). In Guantanamo (Gitmo 2 make it short) they are a frequent – chronic trouble maker also known for tendency and notorious skill 2 sparks protest and rise an insurgence among prisoner. Here in Gitmo, pigs (slanks or alias for cops in case U didn’t know) use tear gas and club to stop some insurgence from the convict (they save the torture and sadistic only for Arab & other potentially terrorist suspect or convict).

This film were inspired by da dynamic duo, Harold is David Gueatta & Kumar is Flo-Rida. To avoid law infringement tehy change the race into other less dangerous law suit race such as Asian ^_^


Why won’t U die?!

The 2 is well known for the imunity of being clubbed by pigs. They were clubbed 2 death and still didn’t dead, instead they felt like they are clubbing instead being clubbed. Hence  they got the idea to create the song, club can’t handle me as some small reminder that they R bad @$$ and so pigs know they’re battle cry “club can’t handle me”.


Remember the part where Flo-Rida screams “put your hands up”? Those were actually inspired when the pigs screams at them in Gitmo (and they were reluctant 2 do so) but nowadays, angry mob is easier to control, when “put your hands up” is out the mob usually do as their told (sucka!!).

Put U'r hands up!!!! Sucka (and they just comply with it?)

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