Revolution? Hardly My Friend

Revolution eh?


Last week, 27th and 28th of November 2010, in Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Sony Computer Entertainment held an electronic expo. What’s so special about it it’s the promotion of Playstation Move. Sony’s very own Nintendo Wii rip off that somehow they are very proud in some way, which is weird, it’s a rip off dude!


Separated @ birth?

Well, just like the image attached above, Sony claims that Playstation move is The Revolution (really?) in term of gameplay, leaving controller based technology with motion sensing controller. I mean, look at this image I attached and tell me that it’s not a rip off! It’s exactly just like Nintendo Wii controller (even the game also look a like).


Remember the history, its like Sony and Microsoft greatest defeat against Nintendo. While Sony and Nintendo goes head 2 head with raw power and who got the most muscle to crunched polygons, Nintendo went the other way with motion sensing controller and limited 128 bit (and a little extra polygons) graphic. And Nintendo won the battle, it’s really a triumph for gameplay rather than graphic (which brings smile 2 my face though I not Nintendo fan-boy, I’m a militant SEGA fan-boy).


So, it’s true what they said, “if U can’t beat them, join them” and that’s what Sony and Microsoft exactly do (Microsoft also produce Microsoft Kinect, motion sensing technology for X Box 360). Though honestly Microsoft Kinect is twist the rip off with the fact that Kinect doesn’t use any controller at all, kinda like “Minority Report” eh? Maybe this is what the mass wanted, some game that can be played by everyone from the get-go (even non gamer can enjoyed it).

Another rip off, with a twist


Final thought, don’t bluff yourself with others idea and technology Sony (U 2 Microsoft)! You just rip someone else idea and make some minor improvement here (imagine Wii game with Sony muscle and U get the idea). Don’t get yourself over excited! Cuz the reason why I chose Playstation rather than X Box or Wii cuz U guys provide old skool gameplay (and Japanese exclusive title) rather than fun for everyone, non gamer included like Nintendo or PC version of console gaming like X Box. U guys just hurt my heart and believe Sony (and I might not be the only one who feels the way I do) and this could be a backfired move Sony. Oh’ and claims about Revolution? Hardly my friend. Someone else started it first, even Microsoft add something exciting with Kinect rather than some blatant rip off.


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